Arma 3 Server

November 19th, 2014 by

OK, before we go any further let me admit to you that I have spent most of the day sat in my kegs staring at my monitor. Not because I am lazy, no, I have been out for a thrash on my mountain bike and whilst sweating like a fat bloke on a bike (!) I had an epiphany, I had a bottle of water and a piece of flapjack too but that is beside the point. In fact as this is a gaming site and not a site for lycra wearing EPO using cyclists I will try to get back to the point ….. which was …….

Pants, bikes, water, oaty sugary things …. Arma 3! That was it.

About 4 or 5 weeks ago I decided it was about time we had an Arma 3 server, after all, the boys and girl from B-F (yes girl, there was one once) used to play Operation Flashpoint, badly, but it was fun. So as we have all been enjoying the KOTH maps I thought I would download the map and get things running.


Little did I know that the KOTH maps we had been playing are not available unless you pay to rent one! I ask you, its getting like the Battlefield ranked server debacle, sod that, I don’t mind paying for a map but with a ton of server hardware sat in our rack that is underutilised I’ll be buggered if I am being forced into paying for something I don’t need. So I lost interest.

Not just because of the map / server thing but because I couldn’t get any form of Arma 3 server working.  Ive been really busy doing real work so I haven’t had the time to spend on it but I kept coming back to it. I thought I had got it cracked last night but no. I was very close though.

So it was when I was out on my bike today I suddenly realised where I was going wrong and I was so excited rather than getting in the shower I sat at the PC and in just my pants (that English pants not American pants) I got it going. I’ve always done my best work in my pants.

Anyhow, its up, its got some random map on it for capture the flag, as much as anything to test it but all we need to do now is decide what maps and how its going to be run and we can all sit in our pants and play Arma 3 on a descent server.



October 12th, 2014 by

Sunday morning, hung over a tiny bit after spending last night at my oldest mates 50th birthday bash, which was slightly spoilt I guess knowing that I was going out to have fun leaving all those of you who like me like to hang around on an evening / morning / night (delete as appropriate depending on your time zone) with no servers to play on.

Im now sat in the B-F server bunker drinking coffee waiting for the IT guy who looks after the network here to turn up and hopefully tickle his router back into life. When was the last time you sat at a computer with no internet connection and no games installed? It’s a bit strange let me tell you! All of a sudden I have time on my hands, the computer is useless without the Internet, or games. I mean I could be writing this by hand couldn’t I?

Anyhow a quick summary of what went wrong. If I said we were using the network and our servers in a desperate cloud effort to combat an alien drilling attack which was hovering above planet Earth cloaked and gathering power ready to drill a hole straight through the middle before threading a plasma string through the hole to use Earth in a game of planetary conkers you might not believe me. So I will say that there was a power outage (come on don’t sigh it hasn’t happened for a good while!) and after a substantial investment by myself all our servers did indeed continue to function thanks to the nano nuclear power packs I bought (sometimes called Battery Backups or UPS).  The trouble is the router that connects them to the outside world (and unfortunately out of my control) didn’t continue to function.

So in summary, power goes off servers keep going router doesn’t power back on servers still working fine router not working. Im more than a little annoyed as I did offer to pay for a backup system for the router but my kind and generous offer was turned down.

So here we are (or at least here I am) waiting for the router to be kicked back into life and so I can resume my life and go home after making sure all is well. You will know it is well because if you read this it means the internet connection is back up which meant I could post this message.

For those of you who support the servers, the ones who pay each month to make sure continues I offer my sincere apologies, for those who have paid with their hard work by building maps and keeping things running nicely, likewise; sorry. To those who turn up regularly and could help out financially but don’t; what did you expect? I have looked into moving the servers back into a ‘normal’ data centre but it is just not affordable if we want to have the flexibility we have now.

So for now I’m afraid we are stuck with what we have unless we scale back or we get more income to pay the bills, something that I doubt will happen any time soon. Although I did win the Euro Lottery the other day! I got the email saying we have news about your ticket, unfortunately it was only £8.50 and I spent that driving to the server hut today!


CS Server Back Up

September 28th, 2014 by

The 128 tick server is now back up after a brief outage. You can find it by searching for or using the ip address

It has bots on it so if you just fancy sharpening your skills on a top class server feel free to take them on but be warned, they are almost as good as our very own bot (Flying Finn).

If you have a clan and fancy game against the BFs crew then get in touch, there is so much cheating going on in CS at the moment the game is not worth playing using the normal match making options. Valve really do need to stop selling this game to people who have been VAC banned in the past, the cynical side of me thinks maybe Valve arent bothered to fix it because they make more money by selling multiple copies to the cheats.

Am I wrong?


Stats Mucked Out

September 23rd, 2014 by

I have wiped the stats due to the fact that the poor little database servers was struggling to keep count of all the bullets fired, or was it all the plane crashes? You can find the stats here:


IL2 Stats Back up

August 3rd, 2014 by

I have just completed the regular mucking out of the battle-fields1 IL2 server stats, so as always if you want to get to be in first place (at least until Jon wakes up in Oz) you should fly now!

You can find the stats here.


Where Did All The Years Go?

August 1st, 2014 by

I had just made a post on our forums regarding getting geared up ready for Battle of Stalingrad and for some reason I had a look at how many posts I had made; the figure was 19,999! The ! on the end wasn’t there I just put it there to show how surprised I am that I have typed so much drivel since the forums started back in 2000.

We did have forums before then but we dumped the data when we went over to Vbulletin which we are still running today. Yup a lot has happened since 1998 when B-F first started. Here is a potted history for those new to B-F.

It certainly feels like my life has flown passed and in 4 years we will have been providing gaming goodness for 20 years!!!! There cant be many gaming related sites alive today who can say that. Hopefully we will make 20 years but if we dont then all I can say is its been a pleasure!


Pre-Order Games Re-Visited

May 10th, 2014 by

Re-member I Re-made .. oh hang on too many re’s and hyphens,  I went on a rant recently about gamers paying for games before they are released (should that be re-leased?

Well anyhow, someone with a fairly confusing accent has made a video on YouTube regarding (re-guarding?) this very subject so I’ll let him explain why you shouldn’t preorder (pre-order?).

So stop it :) You have been told!


More On The DBS Mission On BF3 Server

May 3rd, 2014 by

If you read the post below you will know there were plenty of people flying on the BF3 IL2 server the other day, well here is a link to the forum discussion and some awesome pictures taken from the mission.

It is great to see so many people from all over the globe working together to … er…. kill each other, … virtually of course!


Link to the forum post.

flight simulation on BF3 server

looks like Ginger is going to be late home after a long swim!


Busy Day In The Office!

April 28th, 2014 by

It was a pleasure to see Il2 and Teamspeak busy last night. DBS were having a ball, its been a long time since I saw this many in TS! teamspeak  server

Busy TS Channel!


And Another Thing!! ….

April 24th, 2014 by

Look sorry about this but I need to get this off my chest;


There you are I feel better now.

Oh OK I’ve been as bad as everyone else, I paid for Cliffs of Dover, the biggest pile of crap I have ever spent money on, and believe me I have bought some poo in my time. Don’t start giving it all that about how it’s now playable etc, it might be (and that’s debateable), but who fixed it? The community that’s who, for free!

I paid up front for BoS in a hope that it will be good enough to replace the aging IL2 Sturmovik. Now I mention it lets look at IL2; I’m convinced IL2 would have died about 5 years ago at least if it wasn’t for the community getting involved and not only making it generally better but also giving us tools to run dedicated servers. However I am digressing because I’m sure when IL2 was released it worked. In fact I know it did because I bought it, as a completed game.

I’m sure there are loads of arguments for pre funding games or whatever you want to call it. Such as it means the developer can use the money to make the game better, more quickly. Well great, but what’s in it for me?

In the good old days if you needed money you had to borrow it, the person who lent you the money would then benefit in some way, either by charging interest on the loan or by getting a % of profits. How do I benefit from giving money to DayZ or Il2 Battle of Stalingrad? In the case of Cliffs of Dover all I got was an unusable piece of software and a broken promise.

I can see that DayZ gets slowly better but at what point will they stop developing it? There will be a graph on a wall somewhere with a line that once crossed will mean they won’t be as rich as they are now. It has to be tempting to just do a runner with the 29 million or whatever is left of it rather than spend it on a game that has sold as many as it will ever sell.

So from now on (and I know I am not alone on this) I refuse to spend any more money on unfinished games unless I get a kick back for doing so, such as a free game or 10,000 CoinyeCoin or something. Its time the developers took a risk rather than relying on me all of the time.

Oh and another thing; will someone tell DCS to stop releasing flight sims with no online server support! … Tossers!