Pre-Order Games Re-Visited

May 10th, 2014 by

Re-member I Re-made .. oh hang on too many re’s and hyphens,  I went on a rant recently about gamers paying for games before they are released (should that be re-leased?

Well anyhow, someone with a fairly confusing accent has made a video on YouTube regarding (re-guarding?) this very subject so I’ll let him explain why you shouldn’t preorder (pre-order?).

So stop it :) You have been told!


More On The DBS Mission On BF3 Server

May 3rd, 2014 by

If you read the post below you will know there were plenty of people flying on the BF3 IL2 server the other day, well here is a link to the forum discussion and some awesome pictures taken from the mission.

It is great to see so many people from all over the globe working together to … er…. kill each other, … virtually of course!


Link to the forum post.

flight simulation on BF3 server

looks like Ginger is going to be late home after a long swim!


Busy Day In The Office!

April 28th, 2014 by

It was a pleasure to see Il2 and Teamspeak busy last night. DBS were having a ball, its been a long time since I saw this many in TS! teamspeak  server

Busy TS Channel!


And Another Thing!! ….

April 24th, 2014 by

Look sorry about this but I need to get this off my chest;


There you are I feel better now.

Oh OK I’ve been as bad as everyone else, I paid for Cliffs of Dover, the biggest pile of crap I have ever spent money on, and believe me I have bought some poo in my time. Don’t start giving it all that about how it’s now playable etc, it might be (and that’s debateable), but who fixed it? The community that’s who, for free!

I paid up front for BoS in a hope that it will be good enough to replace the aging IL2 Sturmovik. Now I mention it lets look at IL2; I’m convinced IL2 would have died about 5 years ago at least if it wasn’t for the community getting involved and not only making it generally better but also giving us tools to run dedicated servers. However I am digressing because I’m sure when IL2 was released it worked. In fact I know it did because I bought it, as a completed game.

I’m sure there are loads of arguments for pre funding games or whatever you want to call it. Such as it means the developer can use the money to make the game better, more quickly. Well great, but what’s in it for me?

In the good old days if you needed money you had to borrow it, the person who lent you the money would then benefit in some way, either by charging interest on the loan or by getting a % of profits. How do I benefit from giving money to DayZ or Il2 Battle of Stalingrad? In the case of Cliffs of Dover all I got was an unusable piece of software and a broken promise.

I can see that DayZ gets slowly better but at what point will they stop developing it? There will be a graph on a wall somewhere with a line that once crossed will mean they won’t be as rich as they are now. It has to be tempting to just do a runner with the 29 million or whatever is left of it rather than spend it on a game that has sold as many as it will ever sell.

So from now on (and I know I am not alone on this) I refuse to spend any more money on unfinished games unless I get a kick back for doing so, such as a free game or 10,000 CoinyeCoin or something. Its time the developers took a risk rather than relying on me all of the time.

Oh and another thing; will someone tell DCS to stop releasing flight sims with no online server support! … Tossers!




Game Server For Rent

March 24th, 2014 by

We currently have some spare capacity in the system so I’m thinking of making one of our servers available for rent to the general public, but with a twist.

You can rent a server (get in touch first and let me know what you want to use) using crypto currency, again I’m open to suggestions on this one as to which we will accept but I’m not ruling anything out (yes even CoinyeCoin might be an option).

Rental will be done on a maximum of one month term and usual rules will apply like gaming traffic only etc.


Battle Of Stalingrad

March 9th, 2014 by

I was getting bored so I thought it was time to find out how things are progressing over at IL2 Battle of Stalingrad (BoS) HQ.

I have to say its all as clear as mud but it does seem things are moving forward. Here is a snippet, I particularly like this bit: ” And we as its creators don’t feel ready to hear your annoyed jabber about it”, cant say fairer than that can you?

We’re going to tell you the precise dates of when these two aircraft will be added to early access, since they are almost ready now. The Quick Mission Builder has a more complicated story. There are still quite a lot of bugs in the interface which is extensive and has plenty of cross connections. So it remains in the test room a bit longer. The state of Multiplayer is more optimistic and complex at the same time. It has been working fine since the first test day, but I personally find it incomplete. I believe you’re waiting for more than it features at this moment. And we as its creators don’t feel ready to hear your annoyed jabber about it. Even though it is not fully ready yet, on the other hand I realize that such early debugging (even if it’s smooth) can definitely be useful. The sooner we get the test results – the sooner we start fixing the discovered issues. That’s why we’ve decided to at least show you the basics of multiplayer mode. We have a start-up mentality here; we’re allowed to take some risks.

This will happen next week, on March 15th. You’ll get all the necessary info in the next dev blog, as this time we’re only sharing general info. We’ll set up our own servers. They will run the same scenario for everyone, but at different difficulty settings. There’ll be several servers of each kind. We’ll try to have servers on both sides of the Atlantic to provide better connection to all players. Also, we’ll contact people who have already offered their servers for next week and if the Universe is surprisingly generous to our genre then we may have more servers. More details will follow soon. Just wait for the next dev diary note.


Stats and Stuff

March 6th, 2014 by

I’m not competitive, I keep saying to those who will listen (not many) that its the playing the game that counts not the winning, all very British maybe but is it true?

Well if I sit down and really think about it if I don’t care who wins why do I feel my blood pressure rise when we are losing a game of CS:GO (not that I’m playing it much lately)? I get angry and some of us may even let the odd expletive out which is highly unusual! Well when I say unusual I mean regularly, well OK I do too, but surely it isn’t because I am competitive, is it?

We run stats for the IL2 Battle-Fields 1 server (IL2) and have done now for years. I did turn it all off at one point because to be fair they are a bit of a pain to maintain, but it wasn’t long before I got complaints. But why would they be so popular? Well you don’t have to be an analyst to work that out; people care about how they are performing. It matters that they are seen to be doing well or improving. We are competitive and the stats matter to even those who might try telling themselves they don’t.

Anyhow in a bid to try and keep the alpha males (or maybe females too) I have been polishing the database server for the IL2 stats and just in case you didn’t know we also have stats for our 128tick CS:GO server which is steadily becoming very popular!

I haven’t been looking at them honest!


We’re Back!

February 13th, 2014 by

Its been a hectic few days here at B-F for several reasons, not least trying to organise the legendary apathetic bunch that forms any B-F squad (of which there have been several over the years) into getting together on Tuesday night for a practice. Fox turned up with a note from his parents saying he wasn’t allowed to do any training because his dog had eaten his training shoes but I saw right though this and made him do it in his vest and pants just like the old days.

I have to admit though I found it a bit unnerving when the rest of the squad thought it was a good idea and all started stripping off, not a pretty sight.

As if that wasn’t enough though mummy nature decided to blow some power lines down near the server bunker and although we have a good backup system in place it wasn’t good enough. Each server has its own backup power supply of 3 AA batteries apart from the main webserver / TS server which has a PP3 and a DD (or am I just thinking about Bobi’s cup size again?

campfire story

Telling Tales Of Love and War

Anyhoo it was the main routers that suffered and even though the servers (well most of them as I had nicked the batteries from one for my bike lights) stayed up the router died after 40 minutes or so and when the power was restored they weren’t happy. So today has been spent cleaning up the mess. What about the generator backup I hear you ask, well as the fuel was in my truck and not in the tank for the genie it wouldn’t run.

Now this might all sound a bit gash, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t lying about the lies I had just said but I’m not lying entirely, you just have to work out what is the truth, or you can just get over it.

As it happens we had quite a bonding session last night, it was a little bit like sitting around a virtual campfire with some of the less sober ones spilling their guts … I mean pouring their hearts out about childhood disappointments failures with the opposite sex as well as one or two conquests including one quite famous ‘actress’. Anyhow guys your secrets are all safe with me!  Right where is my blackmailing notebook?


Carrying Out A Serverectomy

February 8th, 2014 by

One of our servers has been a bit poorly, in fact it was poorly when I bought it so it has been doing nothing other than taking up room on the office shelves.

It was suffering from a severe bout of full speed fans, which with modern servers is a sure sign that something is wrong, its not always that easy to work out what though. Anyhow after hours of probing (!?) I narrowed it down to the motherboard and when funds allowed I ordered another one which turned up today.

server repairs

A complete brain swap

Apart from knocking a resistor of a memory module and failing to solder it back on cleanly all went well and the server is out of the woods and ready to perform duties in our rack.

Here is a photo of the patient on the operating table (you can see the old motherboard in the background.


Move Over Ninja’s In Pyjamas!

February 2nd, 2014 by

They say experience counts for everything (I’m not sure who says that but someone must do), they also say enthusiasm is infectious (but so is herpes) however; stand to one side Pyjama boys because here comes the oldest most infectious CS:GO clan on the planet!

Yes indeed lady and gentlemen, please give a round of applause (not too loud it interferes with my hearing aid) to BFs/c (delete as appropriate)!

With an average age of 57 and a total of 156 years of gaming experience between them (1)’s professional gaming team are limbering up ready for a season of domination (well those who are into that kind of thing are) and virtual foe slaying and have been training hard in the B-F 128 ping CS:GO server for the last few months.

The management team have been going through stats and preparing the roster for the upcoming season and subject to Scif’s hip replacement and Fox’s colostomy bag extension (ready for the longer matches) there are still some doubts over transfer fees for some of the new signings.

Information is a bit thin on the ground as tactics are a closely guarded secret so I bought team masseuse Bobbi Fields a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale (other alcoholic beverages are available whilst ever N B A aren’t paying us for advertising) and asked her if she could maybe spill the beans. “I’m sworn to secrecy but buy me another pint and next time I’m working on Novotny’s thighs I’ll talk sweetly to him and see what comes up”.Hair Dryer Throwing Finn

Hair Dryer Throwing Finn

What’s known is as the training schedule has ramped up tension in the team has boiled over and Finn was seen throwing a hairdryer in the changing room, in the car park and also down A Long in Dust II. There is a strong rumour too that Smurfy has been brought out of retirement to look after team tactics and our spies have seen him trying to teach the uninitiated the benefits of wall staring and standing still in the hope that the enemy cant see him.

I have to report though no matter how much begging and pleading the management have done I have refused to come out of retirement, I feel my skills are better placed just lounging around and drinking heavily and anyhow I might have a better offer on the table from a certain squad, but I am sworn to secrecy, all I will say is it might involve night attire, but I didn’t say that!

(1) these figures wern’t plucked out of thin air (honest (2)) but they were based on an educated guess using my patented cardigan to hoody ratio algorithm where cardigans outnumber hoodies by 99% on the squad, a median slipper and pipe factor was also applied.

(2) Trust me I know a doctor.