DCS Dedicated Server

March 21st, 2019 by

I think I have got the Battle-Fields dedicated server running for DCS World. I cant test it yet because its running open Beta. So if you are a Beta pilot give it a go and let me know via the forums if its working.

You can search for it using Battle-Fields.com or the IP

Happy landings!

Edit: there was an issue with the IP address, i have now changed it so if it failed for you give it another go.


Welcome Back

January 14th, 2019 by

Its late, Im tired and my tonsils feel like a couple of golf balls wedged in my throat. But hey, you are interested in my well being I’m sure. Well as long as things keep running I guess.

Its OK don’t feel guilty, I’m not really that bothered about you either, well unless you are one of the guys who I class as friends. The ones I chat with, the ones who genuinely are bothered about the servers and the community. The ones who keep in touch, contribute in some way. Without whom there would of been no B-F.

So what brings the latest rant on? Well several things. Firstly I have more time on my hands right now, work is quiet, family is grown up and independent. The servers have been in need of some TLC for and age. People are asking me if I want to play games again and I kind of do. So long as its with people who are fun to be around. So I thought I would come on here and rant. So rant mode disengaged.

So by way of an update, if you dont read the forums (and it would seem these days very few do) let me fill you in, bring you up to speed or whatever it is that business types say these days.

The IL2 servers have been pruned; so BF2 and BF3 have been axed at least unless there is some public outcry. But I doubt I will be hearing one. We have a new webserver that is being tested right now ready for moving the websites over. We also have started testing 2 servers for Condor2 and excellent gliding (or soaring depending on where you live) which as a retired glider pilot (sailplane pilot, depending on where you are reading from) I have to say it is the most fun I have had without guns in an age. Apart from feeling a bit queezy thermaling with the VR headset on I cant fault it.

The IL2 Battle of Stalingrad server seems fairly popular thanks to the excellent scenarios created by the Dedicated Bomber Squadron boys.

Thing is we now have spare and quite capable hardware I’m open to suggestions, however it looks like Digital Combat Simulator might perhaps, maybe, sometime, dont hold your breath be releasing a dedicated server. If they do, I might even invest in another aircraft from them, although the amount of time it takes to learn them would probably stop me doing anything else.

So now you are up to speed. Not that I really give a f**k!

Happy new year. 😁😍


Merry Christmas Guys!

December 23rd, 2018 by

I would just like to say Happy Christmas to those of you who celebrate it.

This has been a quiet year for B-F but a very busy one for me. Hopefully I can generate a bit more interest in the site and the servers again next year. Although it seems that things move one. Game developers seem to have latched onto the idea that they can make money out of people whilst playing as well as not just selling them the game. Its even possible to chat with your friends without needing a server of your own as companies gather data about peoples habits and generate potential leads for targeted advertising.

Small communities are possible for free now, but at what cost?

Anyhow I have just invested just short of £500 into the B-F hardware with the help of a generous donation from our resident Battle of Stalingrad guru Tip, thanks from all who use the servers :).

I racked our latest server today. Its a dell 1950 III with 32 gig ram and a couple of multi core processors and two brand new 1TB drives. This may not sound massively impressive but it is for us!

Merry Crimble!

My plans for this monster aren’t set in stone yet, but Im thinking of dedicating it to BoS and hopefully the dedicated DCS World server, IF we ever see it, it has been a very long time coming!

So if you are a DCS fan and I know we have a few and you fancy getting involved give me a shout.

I have plans for the website and modernisation of the forums, if its going to be worth the effort.

So here is hoping for world peace and lets keep the battles virtual ones in 2019. All the very best to my online friends old and new!


Been A While

February 19th, 2018 by

Its been a while for a lot of things.

Been a while since I had time to play a game, its been a while since I last decorated the room where my computer is, its been a  while since I started Battle-fields.com. The decorating is all done now. Which is nice because I got the chance to de-clutter the whole room. I threw loads of old games away, which is a bit sad but I tried selling them online but no one wanted them, including me. All sorts of old flight sims, Half Life, Quake and loads more. I’ve tried playing old games and to be honest it does nothing for me. Im not very nostalgic usually.

Some of the old stuff went right back to twenty years ago when I first started Battle-Fields.com. Even before that; when we started Deltaforce2.com. The game that kicked it all off was Delta Force, a Novalogic game. I couldn’t bring myself to throw that disk away though. I sort of think I wont be playing it again anytime soon although I am tempted to give it a try maybe on a virtual machine, perhaps with Windows 98 as the OS. If I have time.

Its been a while since the IP addresses changed on our servers too. Usually a forced move of servers to a new location, to save money or because the hosts went out of business, but this time it was different. Due to incompetence at Vodafone apparently the network we were on was released by mistake and I had to spend hours re-configuring all our servers to get things back up. I came close to throwing the towel in but I had my arm twisted by lots of servers users. Some of whom pay so I don’t have to spend too much of my own money. Hours of my life I wont get back!

I got to thinking, how simple Delta Force was, the favourite game type was King Of The Hill, played multiplayer. It was like playing sport. A small well defined hill with a few buildings, nothing too fancy weapon wise just loads of good tense fun with lots of laughs.

Maybe I will try it again!


IL2 Battle Of Stalingrad Server

December 15th, 2017 by

I have just installed a new hunk of hardware to run this server (IP

After much messing and trying to remember settings etc I think I may have it finally cracked, perhaps! It would be good if anyone stumbling across this post could let me know if its running OK.

The old server has served us well but seems to have suffered a terminal hard drive failure, typical as we come up to Christmas!


IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte, Flying Circus and Tank Crew announced

November 19th, 2017 by

The second gen IL-2 series is quickly becoming the IL-2: Battle of Everything title by growing the series beyond its Eastern Front roots by expanding the series to tackle multiple fronts and types of combat across two different wars. Introducing IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte, Flying Circus, and Tank Crew!

Introducing Operation..ahem, Battle of Bodenplatte

1CGS and 777 Studios are working hard on finishing IL-2: Battle of Kuban with final release expected sometime around the end of December. Once that is out of the way, the series is going headlong into the Western Front with IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte.

Operation Bodenplatte (or Baseplate) was a last-ditch effort by the Luftwaffe to rally its forces and cripple Allied aircraft still on the ground. Taking place in the early morning of January 1, 1945, mass numbers of Luftwaffe aircraft made their way to pre-determined targets hoping to catch the Allied flyers on the ground. The developers are calling this a battle to keep with the established theme of the series.

The result was one of the largest, most intense dogfights seen on the Western front and it ultimately was the last hurrah for the Luftwaffe. The developers are keen to offer both winter and summer versions of the map which likely means we’ll see more than just January 1 featured in the Career mode for this title.

It opens us up to great list of aircraft:

  • Bf 109 G-14
  • Bf 109 K-4
  • Fw 190 A-8
  • Me 262
  • P-51D
  • P-47D
  • Spitfire Mk.IX
  • Tempest Mk.V

Two Collector Planes will also come with the pre-order/Premium edition:

  • Fw 190 D-9 (Collector)
  • P-38L (Collector)

The series will also see the introduction of an AI-only B-25 Mitchell II. Flying with RAF squadrons during the battle, the Mitchell should be well known for any World War II plane enthusiast and its a sure bet that the developers will one day make it a flyable too. If time allows anyways!

Flying the canvas and wood aircraft of The Great War

1CGS is also planning to reintroduce their excellent work on The Great War themed Rise of Flight by offering Flying Circus: Volume 1. This title rehabilitates old aircraft models from Rise of Flight and introduces them into the IL-2 series with their themed module.

Flying Circus will share all of the core technology enhancements added to the IL-2 series including DX11, 64bit support and most importantly, VR support.

This is the tentative list of aircraft:

  • SPAD 13 C.1
  • Sopwith Dolphin
  • Sopwith Camel
  • RAF S.E.5a
  • Bristol Fighter
  • Albatros D.Va
  • Fokker Dr.1
  • Fokker DVII
  • Pfalz D.IIIa
  • Halberstadt CL.II

These are some of the most popular Rise of Flight aircraft and they will be available for flight above a World War I themed France map.

Fighting on the ground

Tank Crew takes the player from the skies and puts them into some intense ground warfare. There are already two tanks available in the IL-2 series that were used to test the concept. Now it’s getting a fully thought out title of its own with further enhanced ground vehicles including all of the major tanks of World War II.

Tank Crew centres itself around the Eastern Front 1943 Kursk tank battle. A map specifically centered around the fighting near Belgorod and Prokhorovka will feature a specially designed 100x100km map setup for tank battles. No word on if fliers can take to the skies above though it is quite possible.

And here’s the list of drivable tanks (tentative we’re told):

  • T-34-76 STZ
  • KV-1s
  • M4A2
  • SU-122
  • SU-152
  • ZIS-5 + 72K
  • PzKpfw III Ausf.L
  • PzKpfw IV Ausf.G
  • PzKpfw V Ausf.D
  • PzKpfw VI Ausf.H1
  • Kfz. 184
  • Kfz. 10 + Flak38

You’ll note the list includes two mobile flak platforms further increasing the likelihood that we’ll be dealing with aircraft – hopefully player flown ones! The devs are also keen to note that multi-person vehicles are a feature so you can team up with your friends all in a single tank.

This is all big news

Easily the biggest news in the history of the series. These three new titles will expand the IL-2 series and build together with the previous titles.

Read the official announcement right here.


Virtually There!

September 16th, 2017 by

Wow its been an age since I sat down and put the random thoughts I have in my head down on pape……. screen, keyboard? Oh I dunno. So what tromped this little (hopefully little) outburst? VR that’s what.

There has been a bit of chit chat in our forums about Virtual Reality on and off over the years (the forums have been on the go for more than 15 years) and to be honest I was never really sure if it would appear in my lifetime. So either I have to thank the developers for getting it done quickly or the dangerous hobbies I used to engage in wernt as dangerous as I thought because for now I am still here and enjoying a virtual life alongside a real one.

Is it Expensive?

At £400 for a Oculus and a couple of controllers its not cheap and you are really going to need something at least as powerful as a Nvidia 970 but being gamers most of us have the computing power. I actually had just a 960 when I first tried the Oculus Rift headset and it worked OK to be fair, an odd stutter but I still sat there giddy with excitement as I was guided through the setup. If you haven’t experienced VR yet you really should. Its mind blowing.

Im all excited about gaming again. Its not as addictive as I thought it might  get but it has sparked my imagination. I think in the next few years we are going to see some pretty amazing things. DCS flight sims are already mind blowing to look through VR goggles but they just need to organise the controls better, or at all come to think of it.

Oi!Hands Off!

After many many years of using Microsoft force feedback joysticks I have bought a hotas, only because I want to try and fly with that immersive feel. One better than that though is VTOL VR that I bought through Steam. It looks very basic, however being able to manipulate the controls using your hands in a virtual world is chuffing awesome! Its not perfect, yet, but if DCS could incorporate something similar into their simulators then I for one would be happy to pay a premium for a high quality sim that was fully immersive.

Whilst Im on about DCS why wont they release a dedicated server program? Nag Eagle Dynamics on twitter about it 🙂

Right I best get back to the simulator, its not VR in many ways its better!



Another Power Problem

September 9th, 2017 by

If you have been missing the B-F servers this morning please accept my sincere apologies …. if you contribute to their running that is. If you dont help us keep them running then I don’t apologise because we are short of cash and servers cost money to run so we host them in a leaky shed in Novotny’s back garden next to the outside toilet. Well at least this setup keeps him warm when he has to go take a number 2 in the winter.

So what went wrong this time you may be asking; well someone managed to kill the power in the building yet again, which was just long enough for the aged and overloaded battery backup to decide it had had enough. Most of the stuff is now back online I believe, we have forums you can leave a message on explaining why you think otherwise. I have mucked out the stats for our main IL2 1946 server and restarted to help keep Hoodoodat’s morale up as he and his fellow Americans now not only have to deal with Trump going nuclear (sounds like a dodgy fart after a curry the night before) but some pretty horrendous weather. So whilst Im on about it Im sure our entire community wish those of you faced with the storms all the very best.

We scrambled a highly motivated and skilled technical team to the server shed and began a thorough investigation before turning the power back on, drinking several cups of tea and talking bollocks to the cleaning lady. This kind of support doesn’t come cheap so if you are in a position to chip in a little bit in towards buying a new battery backup or even a mop for the cleaner please feel free because servers aren’t free, someone has to pay!


Battle of Kuban unleashes new Kuban map, new flight model, new aircraft

September 3rd, 2017 by

This week was a big week for the developers of 1C Game Studios with the release of patch 2.012. The new patch included the Battle of Kuban black sea region map, a revised flight model for all aircraft in the next general IL-2 series, and a brand new aircraft in the form of the Hs129B-2. To say that it was big would be an understatement.

Welcome to the Black Sea

The Kuban river and the surrounding Caucasus region was the site of major fighting during 1942 and 1943. German forces attempted to seize the oil rich region to help sustain their war effort against the Soviet Union but were eventually stopped in a prolonged battle throughout 1943 ending with defeat and an eventual reversal.

The region is dominated by the Black Sea in the south, the Caucasus mountains, wide open plains and farmers fields, salt flats, and many more geographical features. This map more than any other in the series has unique looks no matter where you are.

The map also comes with a half dozen or more new ships for the Black Sea ranging from fast attack motorboats sporting torpedoes to submarines, destroyers and larger transport ships. They look incredible and are far more detailed than the original IL-2 ships – These have individual components that can be destroyed and when they sink… its dramatic to say the least.

Updated flight model

Aircraft in the IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow/Kuban series have been extremely detailed with their flight models but there were problems. Aircraft tended to roll adversely when using the rudder (some call this “roll coupling”) and they tended to bob up and down during some types of flying conditions. This has changed with a massive overhaul of all aircraft in the series with revised flight model parameters.

What does it mean? Well, aircraft feel heavier and fly stiffer than before with the nose wandering less. Many aircraft get heavy control surfaces at high speeds as pressures increase and mechanical leverage lessens. The net effect is aircraft that feel substantial and are controllable.

A new ground attacker

The Hs129B-2 is an armored ground attacker designed for low level operations against vehicle convoys, artillery, and armored vehicles including light and medium tanks. Armed with optional bombs and 30mm cannons, the Hs129B-2 is a heavy hitter. If you’re one of those ‘mud movers’ like some of our Dedicated Bomber Squad guys are then this plane might be for you!

More content and updates on the way

Development of the new IL-2: Battle of Kuban is at a rapid pace right now with the new Career system to replace the old Campaign system (for all three titles) coming in October along with the Yak-7B. In November, we’re expecting the P-39L-1 and the A-20B to finally arrive rounding out the aircraft list for Kuban. Jason Williams, IL-2’s Lead Producer, also mentioned that after development is complete two additional aircraft will be offered as Collector Planes – The La-5FN and Bf109G-6 are sure to be crowd pleasers. He also revealed that a third-party contractor is working on a Po-2 (bi-plane used for night attack and artillery spotting) and Li-2 (DC-3 license built aircraft in Soviet service).

Graphical updates improving the draw distance and removing some of the haze from clear days are planned. As are other updates arriving in the coming months including a new multiplayer Co-op and Air Marshal modes.

Server updated


We’ve got him right where we want him…. I think?

Kuban Spring Training is now in full effect on the Battle-Field.com UK1 server. Just today the DBS squad was on the server playing against a server full worth of other players and having a great time.

We’re running the new Kuban map so even if you haven’t bought Battle of Kuban yet you can still hop online and check it out. Maybe do some sightseeing? Watch out for those fighters though!

Why not join us on the server the next time you’re jumping into an IL-2 match.


Achtung Spitfire! IL-2: Battle of Kuban makes the legendary Supermarine Spitfire flyable

July 10th, 2017 by

1CGS, the developers behind the next generation IL-2 series including Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow are hard at work on the next installment of the series due to be finished by the end of 2017. Last week the developers made the Spitfire flyable and it’s great!

The Spitfire and the Kuban battles

IL-2: Battle of Kuban covers the intense aerial battles of the Kuban region during 1943. The twist over other eastern battlefields is that the Kuban battle was fought using significant numbers of lend lease aircraft from Britain and the United States. Included in the aircraft set is the P-39L-1, A-20B and the legendary Spitfire Vb.

Over 150 Spitfire Mark Vb fighters with both the Merlin 45 and Merlin 46 engine were used by Russian squadrons on the frontlines of the Kuban battle.

The Spitfire Vb comes with both engine options in IL-2 and a standard loadout for Spitfires with B-Type armament – two Hispano Mark II 20mm cannons with 60 rounds per gun and four Browning .303 machine guns with 350 rounds per gun.

There aren’t many other options (a rear-view mirror can be fitted) but the Spitfire makes up for a lack of options by being generally an excellent fighter and bomber interceptor.

The Spitfire is overall an outstanding performer that is relatively easy to fly with good acceleration, climb and speed. It can also handily out turn nearly every fighter currently available in IL-2! The Spitfire provides an excellent rival option for the Bf109s and FW190s alongside its Russian counterparts like the Yak-1 and La-5.

What else is new?

The IL-2 series has been rapidly evolving. Full VR support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, AI and graphics performance upgrades, new sharpening filters, updated SLI/Crossfire capabilities, the new DX11 graphics engine (introduced late last year), better tree rendering and rendering distance, and impending shadow updates are all part of the progress of the base engine of the series.

Co-op and a revamped campaign system are still due later this year along with the Kuban map in spring, summer and autumn variations.

Six aircraft for the Kuban battle have already been released including the excellent IL-2 Model 1943 with PTAB anti-tank cluster bombs and a standard rear gunner.

At the moment, the following Battle of Kuban aircraft are already implemented and flyable:

  • Bf109G-4
  • FW190A-5
  • Bf110G-2
  • He111H-16
  • IL-2 Model 1943
  • Spitfire Vb

Some aircraft are still to come later this year:

  • Yak-7B
  • Hs129B-2
  • P-39L-1
  • A-20B

Multiplayer servers updated

Our Battle-Field UK multiplayer servers for IL-2 have been updated with the latest patch and our mission makers are currently adding the Spitfire into key scenarios. Join us online and take the Spitfire out for a few missions – get in close with those Bf109s and show them how well the new Spitfire turns!