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Our Server Rules Server Commandments (Applicable to all our servers)

1) Thou shalt obey thy Gods and respect their universe
Your Gods are recognizable by their BFs name tag, they are the admins and they pay for the server. Worship them or suffer their wrath. Also, show respect, read the rules before taking off, and apply the correct markings. If you have a problem with an admin or the server do not discuss it on the server, take it up on our forum.

2) Thou shalt not be offensive
Please refrain from offensive (such as swearing), abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic or generally inflammatory comments and nicknames in any language. Similarly the use of offensive skins or tags is prohibited.

3) Thou shalt not cheat
No exploiting game glitches, using third-party cheat programs, print screening or other tricks to make the game laggy when you’re under attack. Do not deliberately disconnect when you are in trouble. Cheating will result in a ban.

4) Thou shalt not team kill or wound
Deliberate team killing or wounding will always result in a ban. Accidental team killing is not easily forgiven either, be very careful never to shoot in a position where you could hit a friendly. Therefore, do not shoot over someone shoulder!

5) Honour thy enemies
Thou shalt respect thy opponent. Do not take frustration out on opponents in an unsporting manner; similarly do not gloat at other players of a lesser ability. Play with honour.

6) Thou shall not hack our servers
Hacking one of our servers, or even failed attempts will result in a ban, there are no excuses. Our definition of hacking includes unauthorised attempts to obtain admin rights.

7) Thou shall consider these last few thoughts…
a. The preferred language of the servers is English; it is the language of the international community. If you must have a lengthy chat or TS conversation with your mate in Azerbaijani, then you are requested to take it to a private channel.
b. Do consider other people’s feelings and abilities, we aren’t all as good as you!
c. Make an effort to work as a team. You will get a lot more out of it and it gives newer players the chance to get some help.
d. Join in with the community, visit our forums and join in the chat, we also have a very lively IRC channel. The same rules apply there too until we draw up the IRC specific rules.
e. If you have any ideas that you feel would improve our service let us know on the forums, we are always open to suggestions.
IL2 Sturmovik Server Rules

In addition to the above commandments, the full, IL2 specific, server rules for UK Dedicated 1, 2 & 3 as listed in the mission briefs can be found Here


13 Responses to Server Rules

  1. […] May I just remind everyone that the server rules apply not only to our game servers but to all our servers, Team speak, IRC and the forums. If you are unaware of our rules may I respectfully ask you to take a quick look here. […]

  2. Xabre says:

    CPS_Xabre here
    Hi guys Ive been flying in your server for a while now but up until Christmas morning I have never had a problem, I obviously pulled a stupid move and was summarily kicked, my only concern is this a ban or a temporary thing, if its a ban I think you guys are being Harsh as this is my first offense, if its a Kick how long do they last and an explanation in either case is warranted,
    I think its a great server and really like flying in it…

  3. Bone Head says:

    The best place to ask any questions like this is on the forums where the people who admin the servers hang out 🙂

  4. Xabre says:

    Well boys and girls,I have tried to find out who and why I was kicked on Christmas day,to try and get reinstated and still no joy.
    What concerns me as (correct me if I’m wrong) but do all BF members have admin rights and can police the server against the rule breakers? and if so who polices them? the reason I ask is that I still dont know why I was kicked I still dont if I’ve been banned, I still dont know if this is temporary or if it is permanent. It is obvious that I have pissed someone off, but what is really frustrating is this person doesn’t have the courage or decency to say yo dude you screwed up and if you do it again I’m going to kick you/ ban you, but instead this person (who wants to remain anonymous)is apparently very immature feels that he can arbitrarily kick people and that’s OK!Ive had one infraction, not several to my knowledge and to my mind this is just one of your boys throwing out his chest and abusing his admin rights plain and simple, because if he had the server and squads best interests at heart he would show some goodwill and showing that the Admin boys have some class and want to portray the BF servers in the best light. this action just shows this particular person as power hungry and a sore looser and frankly makes your server look very bad. I believe that maybe this person was bested by me and couldn’t handle it and therefore kicked me
    As said before Ive enjoyed the BF-1 server for a long time and have never had an issue. but to have such a penalty thrown at me with no explanation is just BOGUS

  5. Xabre says:

    It would seem that Ive be forgiven…as I can now join the BF-1 server.
    Im not sure if this was an automatic thing by the server or the person that banned me relented. Anyway that doesn’t matter, I shall be watching my P’s and Q’s from now on, and try not to break any server rules. 🙂


  6. Bone Head says:

    Sorry for the late reply on this but i tend not to check comments on the main website.

    The best way to deal with bans on any of our servers is via our forums. Hopefully you have managed to resolve your problem now anyhow.

  7. […] May I respectfully ask all those who use the server that they try and adhere (thats posh for stick) to our basic rules. […]

  8. KAP says:

    Hi, I’ve been kicked from the Battle-fields1 server ‘cos i accidentally drop the bomb to the friendly trains. It wasnt on purpose. Pls forgive me, and let me play. This is the best server on HL.

  9. Bone Head says:

    Hi there.
    Best place to get bans lifted is via our forums:

    You will need to set up a new user account to post there as it is separate to this site.

  10. dennis roberts says:

    how do you register at b-f?

  11. Bone Head says:

    Go to the forums if you want to register.
    Hope that helps.

  12. urbansoldier says:

    hi (ni hao ma ZhiaXou)
    i am a (older) pilot in hyperlobby and in real life. i play this game since 10years and i know the good times with (AAA) servers full of 64man on each side.
    today 16.09.2016 i was on your server hyperlobby battel-fields and i hit a ju88 (pilot zhiaxou) not to near to his base (seconds before his wingman in a bf109)
    the result was a kick.. when i go back (not to fly only to communicate) he offer me to give me a ban….
    in a time where we have only a handfull pilots left who play this wonderful game – there is more tolerance need and not this god-like behavior… sorry for my english. thik about mr zhia-Xou
    horrido +urbansoldier+ (urbnsoldrEDFB in IL2)

  13. Bone Head says:

    Best place to get this resolved is on our forums:

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