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May 9th, 2011 by

Part of the fun of online gaming is the ability to chat to people yo are playing with / against. So being the frindly types we got our own TeamSpeak server and Algore kindly wrote this how-to to help those in need.

The very first thing you need is the software. Just go to and download the “TeamSpeak 2 Client”. I’ll leave the installation process to you, it’s just like every other installation.

Now that you have the software installed, you’ll probably want to use it. Double-click on the short cut will do the job. You should end up with a window like this:

As you see the next step is to set it up properly. Go to the Sound input/output settings and enable “Push to talk” and set a button to push (sarkain = Tab in finnish, in case you were wondering). Also in this screen you can use the “local test” to test whether you mic works. This can be done by clicking the “Local test” button after which you can use the button you have assigned to “push to talk” and hear yourself with a short delay.

You shouldn’t need to touch the other options. Next up connecting to a server, done by clicking the “Connect” option.

Press the right mouse button and “add server” then type a name for it, press enter and you’ll end up in this screen.

You’ll need to add the following things to appropriate fields
Label: Add whatever you like
Server Address:
Nickname: Add your ingame nickname, makes it easier to others to recognise you
Server password: letmein
Switch the dot to “Anonymous”
And hit connect.

Wellcome to the server! Now just click the channel of the gameserver (UK DED 1/2/3 etc) you want to be in and say hello to the friendly regulars wasting their time there.


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