Lets Keep It Nice

December 10th, 2011 by

For years we had a home page on this site, you know like all sites used to have in the old days when people had more time and patience and a home page with a picture, title and maybe a little bit of blah about the site on it. Ours had a little motto “doing our bit for world peace!”.

I dreamt this up a long time ago because I really do believe that Battle-Fields.com has brought thousands of people together both in our servers and via the forums. This can only be a good thing.

I think generally we are very tolerant of others and those of us who have been around for years are also quite good at forgiving peoples slips and comments, often just putting it down to a cultural difference. Which is why I was a bit concerned to hear someone may have caused another player some anguish by coming out with a comment that might have been said in fun but was by the look of it taken out of context.

May I just remind everyone that the server rules apply not only to our game servers but to all our servers, Team speak, IRC and the forums. If you are unaware of our rules may I respectfully ask you to take a quick look here.


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