How Video Games Changed the World

November 27th, 2013 by



Channel 4 are doing a games night this coming Saturday, with both a two hour special by Charlie Brooker called How Videogames Changed the World, and Indie Game: The Movie, a 2012 documentary exploring the world of independent video games via three titles. Of these, the only one I’ve played is Super Meat Boy. It’s an old school platformer of fiendish design and highly recommended for those of us with the skills to play it. I failed miserably.

Brooker is probably well-known to our UK members, having started his career as a writer/graphics artist for PC Zone before going on to greedily stick his fingers into every pie he could find. He’s a funny, intelligent guy and he recently spoke to Edge Magazine about the upcoming show.

Something to look forward to methinks!


2 Responses to How Video Games Changed the World

  1. Kaiser says:

    Stop saying ‘methinks!’ old boy, you sound insane!

  2. Novotny says:

    I can’t hide the truth

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