CS Server Back Up

September 28th, 2014 by

The battle-fields.com 128 tick server is now back up after a brief outage. You can find it by searching for battle-fields.com or using the ip address

It has bots on it so if you just fancy sharpening your skills on a top class server feel free to take them on but be warned, they are almost as good as our very own bot (Flying Finn).

If you have a clan and fancy game against the BFs crew then get in touch, there is so much cheating going on in CS at the moment the game is not worth playing using the normal match making options. Valve really do need to stop selling this game to people who have been VAC banned in the past, the cynical side of me thinks maybe Valve arent bothered to fix it because they make more money by selling multiple copies to the cheats.

Am I wrong?


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