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Il-2: Battle of Moscow, the follow up release of 1CGS’s IL-2: Battle for Stalingrad, is a few steps closer to completion. The Premium fighters, available early to those who pre-ordered, have arrived and they are so much fun! Let’s have a look!

Fine Italian Thoroughbred

The MC.202 ‘Folgore’ (or Thunderbolt) was an Italian built fighter that served mostly in North Africa and in the skies over Italy but also made a brief appearance on the Eastern Front. Not specifically used at the Battle of Moscow, the MC.202 follows the developers desire to use the Premium fighter releases as a way to introduce interesting period aircraft.

The MC.202 matches up with some of the earlier Bf109 models in overall performance so it’s well suited competitively in the rest of the BoM lineup.

Flying the MC.202 is a great time. The aircraft will perform most maneuvers without any serious issues and it is less likely to stall than you might assume seeing as the aircraft has no leading edge slats. But definitely watch out when it does stall because it can be vicious at times.


The Italian Thunderbolt is victorious as a LaGG-3 falls away.


A pretty good looking office!

The cockpit is beautiful detailed although the canopy struts at times appear to be a little lower resolution than you might like to see.

The Achilles heel of the MC.202 is its firepower. Although heavy machine guns in this version of IL-2 do much more damage than before, there is still the feeling of having to chip away at your enemies. Armament defaults to twin Breda SAFAT 12.7mm machine guns up front with optional 7.7mm and MG151/20 gunpods which up the ante significantly although they impede performance as well.

Fun to fly and beautiful to look at. Completely worth checking out!


Taking fire from a Russian-flown P-40!


They spoil the lines but increase the firepower significantly – MG151/20 gunpods!

Tough American Metal

The second and final Premium fighter arriving with BoM is the American made P-40E. Thousands of P-40 models served with the Russian airforce from Murmansk to the Kuban region and the P-40E was a fairly common model. Historically it was active in places including Stalingrad so it makes an excellent addition to the aircraft lineups of both products.

The P-40Es performance is hit and miss with a fantastic dive speed and a powerful array of 6x.50cal machine guns which are absolutely devastating (I took out two Bf109G-2s in a single firing pass recently). Lacking is its climb rate and top speed which is generally surpassed by other fighters currently available.


Hope they have insurance!


Another enemy fighter feels the power of the six .50cals.


Look at how good this plane looks. Stunning.


It slices, it dices. Seriously, these six .50cals are impressive even against Heinkel bombers.

If well flown the P-40E is an able fighter with the ability to soak up a lot of battle damage and dish it out even more. With optional rockets and bombs the P-40E is also an excellent fighter-bomber capable of hunting vehicle convoys and trains with ease. Chewing up a train with the .50cals is a blast… sometimes literally.

The cockpit is one of the best in the game so far and the external visuals are the most accurate P-40 representation in a game anywhere. A lot of American aircraft fans are going to love this!

Other IL-2 News

Although no official date has been indicated yet, IL-2: BoM will release sometime in the first half of 2016 and anyone with early access will continue to see content rolled out in pieces.

The next major patch version will include new content for Battle for Stalingrad as well as one new plane for Battle of Moscow.

With Stalingrad we’re leaving the frozen steppes behind with two new seasonal maps and updated campaign missions built around the new map. Both a summer and autumn version of the Stalingrad map are on their way with some beautiful and much more colourful scenery.

The beauty shot! Look at that water.

The beauty shot! Look at that water.

IL-2s on a strike mission... and look, it's not cold out!

IL-2s on a strike mission… and look, it’s not cold out!

New mission types including ship hunting along the Volga River. You know what that means? We’re getting a small selection of ships to work with as well. Gunboats have already been shown off but apparently there are a few other options. It adds another dimension to ground targets not previously available.

Coming next in the BoM stable is the Bf109E-7/B, a fighter and fighter-bomber version of the 109 ‘Emil’ and the earliest representation of the Bf109 in the series so far. We’re expecting to see the Bf110E and the rest of the Battle of Moscow lineup in the coming months along with . See our preview article to find out about the rest of the lineup.

And… if you missed it. Don’t miss out on the newest YouTube videos from 1CGS showing off the Bf109E-7/B and a FW190A-3 flying a skip bombing mission against a ship.


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