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November 20th, 2015 by

Im getting old, cynical and a little bit jaded with gaming these days. I play games online only these days, rarely do I have enough time to devote to playing single player and if it weren’t for the fact that I play online with people who I class as friends and I enjoy the banter between us more than the gaming itself I would be happy just vedging in front of the TV!

I have a little confession to make though; I bought Grand Theft Auto V because Nov said it was good. I have had a cheeky little go in single player too, which was OK I guess; it does look pretty dammed good but I have also tried it online with Nov that is when the fun really started! All the things I hate like bad driving and random shootings are all the things that I enjoy in this game, which is a bit scary!

GTA golfing

Nov in the rough and about to end up in a divot, probably not for the first time 😉 !

That said though, last night I had 9 holes of golf with Novotny, a gentlemanly sport and apart from Nov’s usual swearing it was all rather gentle as we strolled the fairway chatting and congratulating each other on well played shots (not many). They say great minds think alike and although I would say neither me or Novotny had a great mind between us we both made the same comment scarily at the same time “it would be better if we could shoot stuff whilst playing golf”, oh well, maybe in the next patch?

Next we went on to a quick game of darts, again quite a refreshing change from CS and other war games, even if darts was a game invented by the British archers who weren’t adverse to slaying a few foreigners in their time.

You will be pleased to know though, after a quick visit to the lap dancing bar where we beat the bouncer up because he looked at me funny we were back to stealing cars and beating each other up in comedy like fights.

I also got my face tattooed, well I was feeling like I needed some attention, dont ask about the pilot suit, its an expensive slip with the mouse, I just wanted to buy a baseball cap honest!

face tattoo

Dont tell my mum but I got a tattoo

I know being an old fart I shouldn’t be condoning these violent games but just about every game I have played since the mid 90’s has been about shooting stuff and so far it hasn’t spilled out into my everyday life and having spent an evening giggling and laughing like a kid for a few hours last night surely that can’t be all bad? Please say I’ll be ok!


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