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January 1st, 2016 by

Well thats it, the dust is settling on Christmas and 2016 is upon us. Gaming wise its been a mixed year for me. In fact when I look back I am struggling to remember the highlights. Making it to  single AK rank in CS (don’t know what the real rank name is) during 2015 might be classed as an achievement and there were certainly one or two moments of outstanding play from me all of which were probably overshadowed by a massive amount of ineptitude, badly thrown grenades and missed opportunities. In the end the feeling of holding the rest of the team back I made the decision to stop playing the game after I rage quite during a game when I decided life was just too short to spend my free time feeling stressed. Gaming should be fun right?

I flirted with Elite Dangerous for a while as did many of the old regulars at B-F but it somehow fizzled out as we all started to wonder what it was we were trying to achieve and got hacked off whilst spending hours trying to meet up and do stuff together. The team side of things has (I think) been resolved now but I don’t think anyone has bothered to try it from here.

Battle 0f Stalingrad; was installed and flown briefly, it looks lovely but for me it just felt too difficult after IL2 , but I will try it again in 2016. Thanks to some of the B-F admins we have a couple of good servers if you want somewhere to play.

Others on the list this year: World of Warships, Stock Car Extreme, War Thunder (First time I think I have played alongside Finn without him shouting at me!) and more recently GTA V, which I am enjoying as a replacement for CS although its less stressful!

With regard to B-F; well after many years we are still here, surely as we reach 18 years old this year we must be one of the oldest gaming communities on the net? I would like to thanks all the guys who pay for the servers and send donations to keep us afloat on behalf of all those who don’t / can’t, without your support and hard work we wouldn’t be here. We have lost some of our regular admins and server Syndicate this year so we are running a little short of funds so if you would like to help out or become a Syndicate member please get in touch through the forum or email bone@battle-fields.com saying you would like to be considered as an admin and I will do the rest.

You can also reach us on our facebook page, or twitter as well as the forums.

Finally just a line or two to explain why I haven’t been around quite so much; other than working too hard! I decided with a friend of mine to build a 737 NG simulator. We started back in April 2015 and I have to say it has been a very expensive and difficult task although I am pleased to announce that it is at last nearing completion! There hasn’t been one difficult thing when building this thing its all been difficult! We ordered the best bits from all over the world, with bits coming from Canada, Germany, Poland, Spain, UK and Portugal. All these bits need to fit and work together, which as you can imagine none of them do. We could have gone to one manufacturer for all of the parts but we wanted the best bits from each one to end up with what I believe is one of the best fixed base simulators. At least it will offer value for money when you look at what a commercial simulator will cost an hour (around £600).

If this little project works out OK and we start to get some money back in we intend to build an Airbus sim and some linked fighters and helicopters, watch this space!

To see the photos visit our forums.


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