New Fixes and the MiG-3 Round out Patch 1.106 for IL-2: BoM

January 16th, 2016 by

The developers at 1CGS contine to pump out a steady stream of updates. Just last month we gained access to the Luftwaffe’s heavy fighter and attack aircraft, the Bf110E-2, drivable tanks, and huge selection of features. In late December we were once again treated with some great updates and, for those of you in the IL-2: Battle of Moscow early access program, the MiG-3.

It’s time we looked at the MiG and some of the other changes that have arrived in this latest update.

Mikoyan’s Hot Rod of a Fighter

The MiG (Mikoyan-Gurevich) design bureau has become synonymous with Russian fighter aircraft in the view of the general public. Back in 1940 they were a struggling group of designers and engineers trying to bring an advanced fighter-interceptor to the front lines of an impending war and their reputation was in the production of an unproven and technically difficult design.

MiG-3 cruising along at high altitude!

MiG-3 cruising along at high altitude!

Picked up some damage but that bomber is in real trouble!

Picked up some damage but that bomber is in real trouble!

Patch 1.106 brings us a later version of the MiG-3 fighter. The Series 24 version entered service sometime in the later half of 1941. By the time of the Battle of Moscow, several sub variants of the MiG-3 were on the scene with a wide variety of armament options but most of the front line versions were represented by this later version.

The MiG-3’s handling is a mixed bag of trade-offs and issues. There are improvements to handling over the early 1940 MiG-3 thanks to leading edge slats, improved center of gravity, and the removal of unnecessary fuel tanks. Turn rate is average to good but it gets very unhappy very quickly and it will sometimes flick your out of a turn in a very undesirable way. If you get into real trouble it will eventually correct itself but you can flip flop all over the sky and you can bet your enemies will be aiming to get you before you can recover.

The MiG-3 is fast at altitude with its high altitude rated AM-35 engine but it loses speed superiority rapidly at low altitude. We don’t have the Bf109F-2 yet but even against the Bf109E-7 it has a little difficulty running away. At high altitude the MiG-3 is a strong capable fighter, however, and its interceptor abilities against bombers is good – If you take the optional armament packages that is.

It Has Options!

Stay on target!

Stay on target!

The MiG-3 looks great, even on a dull cloudy day!

The MiG-3 looks great, even on a dull cloudy day!

The MiG-3 has an interesting array of options for its forward armament. The default armament is a single Berezin UB 12.7mm heavy machine gun and two ShKAS 7.62mm light machine guns. Optionally you can unlock a twin UB 12.7mm arrangement in the nose or go up to twin ShVAK 20mm cannons in the nose. Any of these can also be paired with performance sapping gunpods. Rockets and small bomb loads are also an option if you want to press the MiG-3 into fighter-bomber duties.

The MiG-3 is a quirky fighter with quirky performance and handling but it’s another one of those fan favourites. If you know your fighter you can do well but if you mishandle it then prepare to suffer the consequences. Fly it as a boomer and a zoomer and others will have difficulty keeping up. Try and turn fight it all day and it will push you around.

Other Changes

There are a ton of changes to the game as well. Some of the highlights:

  • Previous ‘radar’ around airbases has been changed to a more general ‘under air attack’ or ‘under ground attack’ so that players know that they are entering a hot zone and may not want to spawn there.
  • New early war tanks have been added to the game (in preparation for Battle of Moscow no doubt)
  • Changes to the damage modeling for tanks have spilled over and have slightly improved the way that aircraft damage modelling is handled. I’ve seen a few more broken wings and cool things happening when you really beat up an enemy aircraft.
  • More transparency for the tank gun barrel smoke – Previously you couldn’t see anything and now you can kind of make something out after you shoot. This is great!

There really is a huge list of changes.  If you want the full list… It’s right here.

Don't think we had these nice hangars over in Stalingrad eh?

Don’t think we had these nice hangars over in Stalingrad eh?

Location, location, location! (Moscow Map)

Location, location, location! (Rzhev near Moscow)

If you missed the most recent development update, head over and see what they have been up to. Some of the screen shots of the new autumn Moscow map are phenomenal. Seriously!

Coming up in future updates are the Bf109F-2, the Pe-2 Series 35, IL-2 Mod. 1941, and finally in February we’re expecting to see the Ju88A-4 takeoff. Battle of Moscow is nearing completion and release and we will update you as the expansion of the IL-2 world continues!


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