IL-2 unlocks removed, new content details

August 21st, 2016 by


Good news for Willy who hasn't finished doing all of the unlocks!

Good news for Willy! (He hasn’t finished doing all of the unlocks from IL-2’s single player campaign *tsk tsk*)

Some big changes are coming to IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow. Jason Williams, the Producer for IL-2 announced late last week that starting this coming week, you will find all of your unlocks have been removed for equipment, weapons and skins. It won’t matter if you have the Premium edition or the Standard edition and it won’t matter if you have a Collector Airplane or one of the eight standard that come with each of the releases. The doors will be thrown wide open and all of the formerly locked items will be made available.

There is just the one caveat. If you have the Russian market Starter Edition of IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad then nothing will have changed. You will still need to progress through the ranks to gain equipment modifications.

Coming next!

No formal announcement has been made yet about what the team is working on next for their next major project. What we know is that the team has gotten together and that plans for the next two major expansions to the IL-2 franchise have already been planned out and pending the availability of funding, 1CGS will be working on them until completion.

In the meantime, two additional Collectors Aircraft have been announced. The Yak-1B and Ju 52 continue to make progress and Jason’s developer update also showed off some tasty screen shots. We’ve got a few for you right here!



Work on the Yak-1B external model appears to be nearly complete and is now fully textured. The Ju 52 internals continue their progress as well and in this shot we get a good look at the rear gunners station.

We also get a early look at the Odessa map work-in-progress by Zeus and a team of third party and internal developers. With vast stretches of open water, rolling hills and open fields, Odessa should be a familiar but unique map that will add greatly to the eastern front experience.

News surrounding the next release from 1CGS is still to come with Jason indicating news will be made available sooner than later and pre-orders for that and for the Ju52 and Yak-1B collectors aircraft will be forthcoming very soon as well. Stay tuned folks!


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