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March 14th, 2017 by

In the fall, Jason Williams from the IL-2: Battle of Kuban development team laid out a basic outline of what was expected to arrive to Battle of Kuban early access and when. So far the developers at 1CGS are ahead of schedule delivering the Bf109G-4, Bf110G-2, He111H-16 and FW190A-5 ahead of schedule and showcasing some impressive early progress on the Kuban map and their first major warship. Update 2.008 arrived a couple of weeks ago and with it came two aircraft and surprise update to an aircraft that we already have. Things are really coming together!

The Butcher Bird

First up, the FW190A-3 got a big flight model update in version 2.007 and it has transformed the fighter into a deadly one from one that left fans of the aircraft a little frustrated with all of the stalling and crashing that it was doing.

The FW190A-5 has now arrived on the scene with a higher top speed and climb rates as well as some extra firepower options. It also has an engine modification – also a new feature of Update 2.008!

The FW190A-5/U17 modification enables a 1.65ATA engine boost option making this a low altitude hot-rod even with the bomb racks attached. And it can carry eight SC50 bombs at once.

A Meaner Heinkel

We also now have early access to the Heinkel He111H-16 bomber. A meaner one. Yes… that is possible! A modification of the earlier H-6 version, this new edition comes with more powerful engines leading to a slight performance bump but perhaps more importantly is the overall improvement in firepower with slower firing light machine guns replaced by the MG81Z – a rapid fire belt fed light machine gun and a single MG131 heavy machine gun in the top gunner station. It also carries some seriously large bombs as an option – I’m sure our Dedicated Bomber Squad guys are going to love that option on one of the next Friday Night Bomber flights.

But wait… there’s more!

Give it some boost!

Remember that engine modification I was talking about? The La-5 Series 8 gets one too with the M-82F engine being swapped in for the earlier M-82 engine. What’s the difference? Instead of a 5 minute limited maximum boost it gets unlimited boost thanks to the improved engine. This makes the La-5, a Collector Plane that came with IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad, a serious competitor in IL-2: Battle of Kuban. Its pretty hard to distinguish from the M-82 version as the two appear identical (a historically accurate consideration) but it does come with the boosted engine sticker.

Still to come

Still to come are the IL-2 Model 1943, Spitfire Vb, the Kuban map, full VR support, a rebuilt single player campaign, the Yak-7B, P-39L-1, A-20B, and Hs129B-2. We did get to see some early views of the IL-2 Model 1943 which, in my opinion, is representative of the most iconic IL-2 design with the straight wings and fully integrated gunner station. This isn’t a field mod option anymore but rather a dedicated gunner spot with a 12.7mm UBT heavy machine gun which makes the IL-2 even tougher to shoot down. Expect the IL-2 Model 1943 to arrive within the next four weeks if the schedule continues to hold.

Finally, we’ve seen some cool new screen shots showing off development on the Russian Type 7 destroyer and the new Kuban map.

See the rest of the IL-2 news on the official website.


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