Another Power Problem

September 9th, 2017 by

If you have been missing the B-F servers this morning please accept my sincere apologies …. if you contribute to their running that is. If you dont help us keep them running then I don’t apologise because we are short of cash and servers cost money to run so we host them in a leaky shed in Novotny’s back garden next to the outside toilet. Well at least this setup keeps him warm when he has to go take a number 2 in the winter.

So what went wrong this time you may be asking; well someone managed to kill the power in the building yet again, which was just long enough for the aged and overloaded battery backup to decide it had had enough. Most of the stuff is now back online I believe, we have forums you can leave a message on explaining why you think otherwise. I have mucked out the stats for our main IL2 1946 server and restarted to help keep Hoodoodat’s morale up as he and his fellow Americans now not only have to deal with Trump going nuclear (sounds like a dodgy fart after a curry the night before) but some pretty horrendous weather. So whilst Im on about it Im sure our entire community wish those of you faced with the storms all the very best.

We scrambled a highly motivated and skilled technical team to the server shed and began a thorough investigation before turning the power back on, drinking several cups of tea and talking bollocks to the cleaning lady. This kind of support doesn’t come cheap so if you are in a position to chip in a little bit in towards buying a new battery backup or even a mop for the cleaner please feel free because servers aren’t free, someone has to pay!


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