Battle of Kuban unleashes new Kuban map, new flight model, new aircraft

September 3rd, 2017 by

This week was a big week for the developers of 1C Game Studios with the release of patch 2.012. The new patch included the Battle of Kuban black sea region map, a revised flight model for all aircraft in the next general IL-2 series, and a brand new aircraft in the form of the Hs129B-2. To say that it was big would be an understatement.

Welcome to the Black Sea

The Kuban river and the surrounding Caucasus region was the site of major fighting during 1942 and 1943. German forces attempted to seize the oil rich region to help sustain their war effort against the Soviet Union but were eventually stopped in a prolonged battle throughout 1943 ending with defeat and an eventual reversal.

The region is dominated by the Black Sea in the south, the Caucasus mountains, wide open plains and farmers fields, salt flats, and many more geographical features. This map more than any other in the series has unique looks no matter where you are.

The map also comes with a half dozen or more new ships for the Black Sea ranging from fast attack motorboats sporting torpedoes to submarines, destroyers and larger transport ships. They look incredible and are far more detailed than the original IL-2 ships – These have individual components that can be destroyed and when they sink… its dramatic to say the least.

Updated flight model

Aircraft in the IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow/Kuban series have been extremely detailed with their flight models but there were problems. Aircraft tended to roll adversely when using the rudder (some call this “roll coupling”) and they tended to bob up and down during some types of flying conditions. This has changed with a massive overhaul of all aircraft in the series with revised flight model parameters.

What does it mean? Well, aircraft feel heavier and fly stiffer than before with the nose wandering less. Many aircraft get heavy control surfaces at high speeds as pressures increase and mechanical leverage lessens. The net effect is aircraft that feel substantial and are controllable.

A new ground attacker

The Hs129B-2 is an armored ground attacker designed for low level operations against vehicle convoys, artillery, and armored vehicles including light and medium tanks. Armed with optional bombs and 30mm cannons, the Hs129B-2 is a heavy hitter. If you’re one of those ‘mud movers’ like some of our Dedicated Bomber Squad guys are then this plane might be for you!

More content and updates on the way

Development of the new IL-2: Battle of Kuban is at a rapid pace right now with the new Career system to replace the old Campaign system (for all three titles) coming in October along with the Yak-7B. In November, we’re expecting the P-39L-1 and the A-20B to finally arrive rounding out the aircraft list for Kuban. Jason Williams, IL-2’s Lead Producer, also mentioned that after development is complete two additional aircraft will be offered as Collector Planes – The La-5FN and Bf109G-6 are sure to be crowd pleasers. He also revealed that a third-party contractor is working on a Po-2 (bi-plane used for night attack and artillery spotting) and Li-2 (DC-3 license built aircraft in Soviet service).

Graphical updates improving the draw distance and removing some of the haze from clear days are planned. As are other updates arriving in the coming months including a new multiplayer Co-op and Air Marshal modes.

Server updated


We’ve got him right where we want him…. I think?

Kuban Spring Training is now in full effect on the UK1 server. Just today the DBS squad was on the server playing against a server full worth of other players and having a great time.

We’re running the new Kuban map so even if you haven’t bought Battle of Kuban yet you can still hop online and check it out. Maybe do some sightseeing? Watch out for those fighters though!

Why not join us on the server the next time you’re jumping into an IL-2 match.


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