Virtually There!

September 16th, 2017 by

Wow its been an age since I sat down and put the random thoughts I have in my head down on pape……. screen, keyboard? Oh I dunno. So what tromped this little (hopefully little) outburst? VR that’s what.

There has been a bit of chit chat in our forums about Virtual Reality on and off over the years (the forums have been on the go for more than 15 years) and to be honest I was never really sure if it would appear in my lifetime. So either I have to thank the developers for getting it done quickly or the dangerous hobbies I used to engage in wernt as dangerous as I thought because for now I am still here and enjoying a virtual life alongside a real one.

Is it Expensive?

At £400 for a Oculus and a couple of controllers its not cheap and you are really going to need something at least as powerful as a Nvidia 970 but being gamers most of us have the computing power. I actually had just a 960 when I first tried the Oculus Rift headset and it worked OK to be fair, an odd stutter but I still sat there giddy with excitement as I was guided through the setup. If you haven’t experienced VR yet you really should. Its mind blowing.

Im all excited about gaming again. Its not as addictive as I thought it might  get but it has sparked my imagination. I think in the next few years we are going to see some pretty amazing things. DCS flight sims are already mind blowing to look through VR goggles but they just need to organise the controls better, or at all come to think of it.

Oi!Hands Off!

After many many years of using Microsoft force feedback joysticks I have bought a hotas, only because I want to try and fly with that immersive feel. One better than that though is VTOL VR that I bought through Steam. It looks very basic, however being able to manipulate the controls using your hands in a virtual world is chuffing awesome! Its not perfect, yet, but if DCS could incorporate something similar into their simulators then I for one would be happy to pay a premium for a high quality sim that was fully immersive.

Whilst Im on about DCS why wont they release a dedicated server program? Nag Eagle Dynamics on twitter about it 🙂

Right I best get back to the simulator, its not VR in many ways its better!



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