Been A While

February 19th, 2018 by

Its been a while for a lot of things.

Been a while since I had time to play a game, its been a while since I last decorated the room where my computer is, its been a  while since I started The decorating is all done now. Which is nice because I got the chance to de-clutter the whole room. I threw loads of old games away, which is a bit sad but I tried selling them online but no one wanted them, including me. All sorts of old flight sims, Half Life, Quake and loads more. I’ve tried playing old games and to be honest it does nothing for me. Im not very nostalgic usually.

Some of the old stuff went right back to twenty years ago when I first started Even before that; when we started The game that kicked it all off was Delta Force, a Novalogic game. I couldn’t bring myself to throw that disk away though. I sort of think I wont be playing it again anytime soon although I am tempted to give it a try maybe on a virtual machine, perhaps with Windows 98 as the OS. If I have time.

Its been a while since the IP addresses changed on our servers too. Usually a forced move of servers to a new location, to save money or because the hosts went out of business, but this time it was different. Due to incompetence at Vodafone apparently the network we were on was released by mistake and I had to spend hours re-configuring all our servers to get things back up. I came close to throwing the towel in but I had my arm twisted by lots of servers users. Some of whom pay so I don’t have to spend too much of my own money. Hours of my life I wont get back!

I got to thinking, how simple Delta Force was, the favourite game type was King Of The Hill, played multiplayer. It was like playing sport. A small well defined hill with a few buildings, nothing too fancy weapon wise just loads of good tense fun with lots of laughs.

Maybe I will try it again!


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