Merry Christmas Guys!

December 23rd, 2018 by

I would just like to say Happy Christmas to those of you who celebrate it.

This has been a quiet year for B-F but a very busy one for me. Hopefully I can generate a bit more interest in the site and the servers again next year. Although it seems that things move one. Game developers seem to have latched onto the idea that they can make money out of people whilst playing as well as not just selling them the game. Its even possible to chat with your friends without needing a server of your own as companies gather data about peoples habits and generate potential leads for targeted advertising.

Small communities are possible for free now, but at what cost?

Anyhow I have just invested just short of £500 into the B-F hardware with the help of a generous donation from our resident Battle of Stalingrad guru Tip, thanks from all who use the servers :).

I racked our latest server today. Its a dell 1950 III with 32 gig ram and a couple of multi core processors and two brand new 1TB drives. This may not sound massively impressive but it is for us!

Merry Crimble!

My plans for this monster aren’t set in stone yet, but Im thinking of dedicating it to BoS and hopefully the dedicated DCS World server, IF we ever see it, it has been a very long time coming!

So if you are a DCS fan and I know we have a few and you fancy getting involved give me a shout.

I have plans for the website and modernisation of the forums, if its going to be worth the effort.

So here is hoping for world peace and lets keep the battles virtual ones in 2019. All the very best to my online friends old and new!


2 Responses to Merry Christmas Guys!

  1. skellyy says:

    Merry Christmas old lad 🙂

  2. Bone Head says:

    Same to you matey!

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