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January 14th, 2019 by

Its late, Im tired and my tonsils feel like a couple of golf balls wedged in my throat. But hey, you are interested in my well being I’m sure. Well as long as things keep running I guess.

Its OK don’t feel guilty, I’m not really that bothered about you either, well unless you are one of the guys who I class as friends. The ones I chat with, the ones who genuinely are bothered about the servers and the community. The ones who keep in touch, contribute in some way. Without whom there would of been no B-F.

So what brings the latest rant on? Well several things. Firstly I have more time on my hands right now, work is quiet, family is grown up and independent. The servers have been in need of some TLC for and age. People are asking me if I want to play games again and I kind of do. So long as its with people who are fun to be around. So I thought I would come on here and rant. So rant mode disengaged.

So by way of an update, if you dont read the forums (and it would seem these days very few do) let me fill you in, bring you up to speed or whatever it is that business types say these days.

The IL2 servers have been pruned; so BF2 and BF3 have been axed at least unless there is some public outcry. But I doubt I will be hearing one. We have a new webserver that is being tested right now ready for moving the websites over. We also have started testing 2 servers for Condor2 and excellent gliding (or soaring depending on where you live) which as a retired glider pilot (sailplane pilot, depending on where you are reading from) I have to say it is the most fun I have had without guns in an age. Apart from feeling a bit queezy thermaling with the VR headset on I cant fault it.

The IL2 Battle of Stalingrad server seems fairly popular thanks to the excellent scenarios created by the Dedicated Bomber Squadron boys.

Thing is we now have spare and quite capable hardware I’m open to suggestions, however it looks like Digital Combat Simulator might perhaps, maybe, sometime, dont hold your breath be releasing a dedicated server. If they do, I might even invest in another aircraft from them, although the amount of time it takes to learn them would probably stop me doing anything else.

So now you are up to speed. Not that I really give a f**k!

Happy new year. 😁😍


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