Welcome to the Battle Fields online store!

We have teamed up with selected partners to offer our visitors tried, tested and a safe online shopping experience. WE use these retailers, and we are fussy about who we use. Granted on the rare occasion you might be able to get some products for a few pence less online but we have had many horror stories of companies not coming up with the goods, going bust etc etc posted in our forums. Beware!

We get a small % of each sale made when you buy via our stores, this is the money that helps us keep our servers going so you can enjoy your online gaming time with quality people on quality servers!

We have teamed up with Amazon.co.uk and Game, both of whom you can trust.

We now have our own personalised Amazon store with our personal recommendations on it, check it out HERE!


If you would like to make a one off donation you can use the button below:

If you would like to donate and get access to the server supporters club on our forums go to User CP link on the forums (you have to be logged in) and then select the paid subscription link.