has been around since November 1998.  I started it whilst working with Morgo running our online empire, and was to be the hub of our many fansites for various games that we played at the time. The other sites have since fallen by the wayside but B-F continues as strong as ever.

Whilst trawling some old posts on our forum I found a post I made about the formation of BTZ (Bravo Two Zero) the squad that me and Morgo were part of back in 1997 when we played Delta Force. Here is the post and in time I will add to this page (hopefully) with some more information. Pour a beer or tea and read on:

I have just been hunting around one of our old sites and found the old BTZ and Dark Nights websites backed up on my PC, these were the forerunners of [BFs]. For those of you who don’t know BTZ changed its name for a while. The Dark Nights were formed at a time when not much was happening in the squad and we thought a name change might do the trick, it didn’t, and we were still too lazy to practice!

The squad was started by Koop (probably the best DF player ever!) and Morgo whilst in their bunkers at University in October 1998, the rest of the squad in the first match consisted of Bone Head and Tasco. Tasco went on extended leave for a year and BTZ went down to 3 for a short time. The order of other players joining is lost in the mists of time. You will see from the line up of players on the old sites some familiar names; Nellie, Veta, Bert, Anadin and Colt.

BTZ started life as a Delta Force squad, Koop did most of the killing and the rest of us held his coat. Other members joined just before Delta Force 2 came out, the most famous being Bigun and Wilky, the squad was now at its peak as far as DF 1 was concerned, practising regularly and playing in matches most weeks. Well known for its ability to be light hearted in defeat and victory BTZ was once described as an attitude rather than a squad, we played for fun.

Unfortunately trainers (cheats) were starting to be released for the DF1 game that spoilt the spirit of the online game, rather than squads accepting defeat there would be accusations of cheating and there was a lot of bad feeling surrounding the game. Delta Force 2 was released but unfortunately many of the squad members couldn’t run the game on their old steam powered computers. This is when the Dark Nights were formed.

The change of name did little to revive interest in the DF1 game for the squad, some of the members left to form their own squad and the Dark Nights entered a twilight world with goblins and fairies for company, Rollo the pixie came to visit me one day ……. sorry wrong story. Where was I?

It was about this time that this very site was been created as the hub for a network of games sites, original members of BTZ once again came together and BTZ was reformed, there was a march by at Buckingham Palace by the veterans in June 2000 where the Queen was supposed to be to take the salute, unfortunately no one had told her to be there so we went down to the pub instead. Counter Strike was just becoming popular and needing a game to play BTZ took to playing it like a fish to ice skating. Once again BTZ was doing battle.

This site was now quite busy and the offer of our own Counter Strike server from Jolt meant that we now had our own home in which to kill and maim. Running your own server is not easy though, what BTZ needed now were new recruits to help out and to stand in front of the old gimmers like Bone Head and catch bullets.

So what you see today is a fine body of men and women (and Bert) all working together to keep the site running and in turn the CS server as popular as ever. Knowing what damage cheats can do from first hand experience to online gaming we are committed to keeping the Counter Strike Server free of cheaters, racists and bad language so everyone who plays on it can enjoy themselves rather than have to tolerate foul language or racists comments.

So what about the future of BTZ? Many of the squad are now playing IL2, its very much a team game and is played very much in the way BTZ have played all their games, for fun. After spending a day in a stressful job or having hours of lectures and with exams looming the ability to join up with a bunch of mates and laugh as one of them makes a big smoking hole in the floor or share the success of completing a mission as a team (albeit with one or two of them still stranded on the runway after crashing on take off) is what BTZ is all about.

“BTZ is an attitude not a squad” That sums BTZ up.

[BFs] still maintains this ethos!