, How It Used To Be

September 2nd, 2011 by

I’m getting all misty eyed.

I have just been doing some clearing out and organising on the forums and came across a post with a link to how the site used to look years ago, reminisce here.


TeamSpeak Setup

May 9th, 2011 by

Part of the fun of online gaming is the ability to chat to people yo are playing with / against. So being the frindly types we got our own TeamSpeak server and Algore kindly wrote this how-to to help those in need.

The very first thing you need is the software. Just go to and download the “TeamSpeak 2 Client”. I’ll leave the installation process to you, it’s just like every other installation.

Now that you have the software installed, you’ll probably want to use it. Double-click on the short cut will do the job. You should end up with a window like this:

As you see the next step is to set it up properly. Go to the Sound input/output settings and enable “Push to talk” and set a button to push (sarkain = Tab in finnish, in case you were wondering). Also in this screen you can use the “local test” to test whether you mic works. This can be done by clicking the “Local test” button after which you can use the button you have assigned to “push to talk” and hear yourself with a short delay.

You shouldn’t need to touch the other options. Next up connecting to a server, done by clicking the “Connect” option.

Press the right mouse button and “add server” then type a name for it, press enter and you’ll end up in this screen.

You’ll need to add the following things to appropriate fields
Label: Add whatever you like
Server Address:
Nickname: Add your ingame nickname, makes it easier to others to recognise you
Server password: letmein
Switch the dot to “Anonymous”
And hit connect.

Wellcome to the server! Now just click the channel of the gameserver (UK DED 1/2/3 etc) you want to be in and say hello to the friendly regulars wasting their time there.


The Servers

May 2nd, 2011 by

Battle-Fields Server Listing & Settings
Please read the server rules before joining any of them.

IL2: Forgotten Battles
UK Dedicated 1 v4.10m
UK Dedicated 2 v4.09m
UK Dedicated 3 UltraPack 2.01 with zuti 1.13 enabled in the JSGME console

Cliffs Of Dover

Arma 2 Server

Teamspeak 2 password: letmein


Server Rules

May 1st, 2011 by

Our Server Rules Server Commandments (Applicable to all our servers)

1) Thou shalt obey thy Gods and respect their universe
Your Gods are recognizable by their BFs name tag, they are the admins and they pay for the server. Worship them or suffer their wrath. Also, show respect, read the rules before taking off, and apply the correct markings. If you have a problem with an admin or the server do not discuss it on the server, take it up on our forum.

2) Thou shalt not be offensive
Please refrain from offensive (such as swearing), abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic or generally inflammatory comments and nicknames in any language. Similarly the use of offensive skins or tags is prohibited.

3) Thou shalt not cheat
No exploiting game glitches, using third-party cheat programs, print screening or other tricks to make the game laggy when you’re under attack. Do not deliberately disconnect when you are in trouble. Cheating will result in a ban.

4) Thou shalt not team kill or wound
Deliberate team killing or wounding will always result in a ban. Accidental team killing is not easily forgiven either, be very careful never to shoot in a position where you could hit a friendly. Therefore, do not shoot over someone shoulder!

5) Honour thy enemies
Thou shalt respect thy opponent. Do not take frustration out on opponents in an unsporting manner; similarly do not gloat at other players of a lesser ability. Play with honour.

6) Thou shall not hack our servers
Hacking one of our servers, or even failed attempts will result in a ban, there are no excuses. Our definition of hacking includes unauthorised attempts to obtain admin rights.

7) Thou shall consider these last few thoughts…
a. The preferred language of the servers is English; it is the language of the international community. If you must have a lengthy chat or TS conversation with your mate in Azerbaijani, then you are requested to take it to a private channel.
b. Do consider other people’s feelings and abilities, we aren’t all as good as you!
c. Make an effort to work as a team. You will get a lot more out of it and it gives newer players the chance to get some help.
d. Join in with the community, visit our forums and join in the chat, we also have a very lively IRC channel. The same rules apply there too until we draw up the IRC specific rules.
e. If you have any ideas that you feel would improve our service let us know on the forums, we are always open to suggestions.
IL2 Sturmovik Server Rules

In addition to the above commandments, the full, IL2 specific, server rules for UK Dedicated 1, 2 & 3 as listed in the mission briefs can be found Here