And Another Thing!! ….

April 24th, 2014 by

Look sorry about this but I need to get this off my chest;


There you are I feel better now.

Oh OK I’ve been as bad as everyone else, I paid for Cliffs of Dover, the biggest pile of crap I have ever spent money on, and believe me I have bought some poo in my time. Don’t start giving it all that about how it’s now playable etc, it might be (and that’s debateable), but who fixed it? The community that’s who, for free!

I paid up front for BoS in a hope that it will be good enough to replace the aging IL2 Sturmovik. Now I mention it lets look at IL2; I’m convinced IL2 would have died about 5 years ago at least if it wasn’t for the community getting involved and not only making it generally better but also giving us tools to run dedicated servers. However I am digressing because I’m sure when IL2 was released it worked. In fact I know it did because I bought it, as a completed game.

I’m sure there are loads of arguments for pre funding games or whatever you want to call it. Such as it means the developer can use the money to make the game better, more quickly. Well great, but what’s in it for me?

In the good old days if you needed money you had to borrow it, the person who lent you the money would then benefit in some way, either by charging interest on the loan or by getting a % of profits. How do I benefit from giving money to DayZ or Il2 Battle of Stalingrad? In the case of Cliffs of Dover all I got was an unusable piece of software and a broken promise.

I can see that DayZ gets slowly better but at what point will they stop developing it? There will be a graph on a wall somewhere with a line that once crossed will mean they won’t be as rich as they are now. It has to be tempting to just do a runner with the 29 million or whatever is left of it rather than spend it on a game that has sold as many as it will ever sell.

So from now on (and I know I am not alone on this) I refuse to spend any more money on unfinished games unless I get a kick back for doing so, such as a free game or 10,000 CoinyeCoin or something. Its time the developers took a risk rather than relying on me all of the time.

Oh and another thing; will someone tell DCS to stop releasing flight sims with no online server support! … Tossers!




Shameless Plug

November 9th, 2013 by

Those of you who don’t know or don’t care to look, or don’t care; has a shop. Well when I say shop its more of a shelf in someone else’s shop.

We make a few pence on everything we sell from here, and also from the B-F shirts, mugs and pants, and for our American friends that’s under pants.

Yes that’s right, you can buy your loved one a B-F thong for Christmas, just think of the smile on her / his face when they unwrap a thong with a cheeky (no pun intended) little slogan on it.

Not only do they have to put up with your constant gaming but they can show their support and join in the fun knowing they will be more attractive to you whilst posing in their pouch.

Finn wears one and it makes him better at gaming.

“I find the B-F thong cups my manliness and stops me jiggling whilst gaming, I’ve never looked back since I got the B-F thong” …..  which is why I maybe managed to shoot him in the back in a game of CS recently, possibly the only time ever.



You Couldn’t Say This Today

September 30th, 2013 by

The following comments were given to me by one of my old instructors some years back and are allegedly lifted from student pilot records. I suppose in this modern day and age these wouldn’t be allowed, how boring life has gotten!

By starting the engine, Bloggs started in motion a sequence of events over which he had no control….

One suspects there are a couple of cogs missing from the Adjutant’s intellectual gearbox.

If a mosquito bit my Marine Engineer Officer it would probably die of alcohol poisoning.

If ignorance really is bliss, then Officer Cadet F is the world’s happiest person.

Blogs has a full six-pack, he just lacks the plastic thingy that holds it all together.

I was impressed by this man’s averageness.

This officer should remember to keep his cap on in the presence of senior officers. It is in fact a pity that his father didn’t keep HIS cap on 24 years ago…

Pilot Officer xxxxxx operates the throttles of the Varsity with the enthusiasm of a berserk Lascar seaman operating the bilge pumps of a sinking tea clipper, rounding Cape Horn, in a force nine gale.

Cpl yyyyyy has a photographic memory, only with the lens cover left on………

the gates are down, the lights are flashing but the train isn’t coming…………

if you gave him a penny for his thoughts, you’d get change………..

some drink from the fountain of knowledge, he only gargled…………

the wheel is turning, but the hamster is dead

…if this student were any denser, light would bend around him.


This Is Me This Is!

September 30th, 2013 by

I thought this sums up my life at B-F sometimes LOL 🙂

I, the willing,
Led by the ignorant,
Am doing the impossible,
For the ungrateful,
I have done so much,
For so long,
With so little,
That I am now highly qualified,
To do anything,
With nothing.


Life In The Old Dogs Yet

June 16th, 2013 by

There comes a time in a young mans life when he thinks he is superior to his old man, the old duffer just isnt in charge any more, he has become weak and vulnerable, the young pup sees a chink in the old mans armour (Americans please note the spelling ;)) and starts to consider taking charge.

Well before my son gets any such ideas I thought it might be best to show him who’s boss, who’s the daddy so to speak. The plan was hatched some time ago and I think it is fitting that it is announced on fathers day (or fart’ers day as my kids spelt it last year on my card) that we, the old folk of B-F, the elders and in many cases the infirm of mind and body hereby throw down the gauntlet to the next generation and challenge them to a dual to the virtual death.

On a date to be fixed and on a server I have just finished building the BFoF (Battle-Fields Old Farts) will take on Bone Heads son and his friends at a game of TF2.

May I remind all participants of our server rules, and performance enhancing drugs will be tested for at random if it is thought anyone is playing too well.

All homework must be completed before kick off!


B-F Goes Green!

July 14th, 2012 by

The top secret location in a Cold War mental institute that houses the B-F’s treasured server hardware will soon be lowering its carbon footprint by adding solar panels to the building. So you can rest easy that as you are chatting on Teamspeak or shooting down the enemy in your  De Havilland Spitfire 109 or whatever its called you are not going to cause the end of the world or get nasty skin diseases because the suns rays are stronger (although the fact that you spend all your days inside playing games means you are exempt from that condition!).

There is a snag however (isnt there always?) you will now have to enter your credit card number into the server before you fly. Oh all right then perhaps not, but the servers will be down on either Wednesday or Thursday evening for a short while whilst the switchover occurs. I will of course let you know the time and day once I know for definite.


Updates and Maintenance

June 25th, 2012 by

For those with access the IL2 server stats for B-F 1 you might be interested to know all your hard work has been deleted as the databse was getting too big and slow.

The Battle-Fields RO2 server has also been updated and restarted too, although I think it is a little quiet in there these days!

Anyhow my work here is done 🙂


Dedicated Bombing Missions

March 26th, 2012 by

I’m proud to say that has the pleasure of hosting the Dedicated Bombing Squadron both with a server and space in the forums.

The latest event is going to take place on the 1st April, you can find out more here on the forums. Even if droping lumps of iron arent your bag I am sure they would appreciate some top cover!


Tired Pilots

February 29th, 2012 by

You all know how it is when you are playing flight sims late at night and you slip up and make a smoking hole in the ground, well spare a thought for those who are flying you and your family on holiday and business and check out the Keep Flying Safe website.

New rules could mean the guys at the pointy end could be nodding off when the big red light starts flashing and as we all know that’s not good!



February 1st, 2012 by

Installing a game, how difficult can that be? Well to be honest it used to be quite straight forward when IL2 first came out but as time has gone on its a bit of a PITA!

Otto one of our esteemed Syndicate members has stuck this little piece together to try and guide those new to the art of IL2.

 For XP and Win7x32 and Win7x64

1. For all these OS do not install in the programs folder on the C:\ drive.

2. Create a folder for the game. Drive  C:\,D:\, or what drive you wish to use.

3. Example=  D:\Ubisoft\IL2 Sturmovik 1946 4. Run the install program from the disk. On newer computers the game wont want to install so instead of installing normally, browse to the root of the CD and run A.exe.

5. Check to insure the game works. This will be 4.07m.

6. Patch game to 4.08m.

7. Check to insure the game works. This will be 4.08m.

8. Patch game to 4.09m.

9. Check to insure the game works. This will be 4.09m.

10. Patch game to 4.10m.

11. Check to insure the game works. This will be 4.10m.

12.Patch game to 4.10.1m.

13. Check to insure the game works. This will be 4.10.1m.

At this point I would say make a back-up copy of the game. Just in case you ever have a problem with your game.

You can never have to many back-ups.

 To tell if the patching has worked. Check the lower left hand side of the screen on the opening screen you will see the game version.  

Do this after each patch to make sure the patching  worked.

14. Now patch the 4.11m patch plus the hot fix.

15. Check to insure the game works. This will be 4.11m Now make a back-up copy just in case.

16. Install HSFX over one of these installs the have a modded game.

HSFX that is being built will have a new number and at this time I have no idea what that maybe.


All patched can be found here.