IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte, Flying Circus and Tank Crew announced

November 19th, 2017 by

The second gen IL-2 series is quickly becoming the IL-2: Battle of Everything title by growing the series beyond its Eastern Front roots by expanding the series to tackle multiple fronts and types of combat across two different wars. Introducing IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte, Flying Circus, and Tank Crew!

Introducing Operation..ahem, Battle of Bodenplatte

1CGS and 777 Studios are working hard on finishing IL-2: Battle of Kuban with final release expected sometime around the end of December. Once that is out of the way, the series is going headlong into the Western Front with IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte.

Operation Bodenplatte (or Baseplate) was a last-ditch effort by the Luftwaffe to rally its forces and cripple Allied aircraft still on the ground. Taking place in the early morning of January 1, 1945, mass numbers of Luftwaffe aircraft made their way to pre-determined targets hoping to catch the Allied flyers on the ground. The developers are calling this a battle to keep with the established theme of the series.

The result was one of the largest, most intense dogfights seen on the Western front and it ultimately was the last hurrah for the Luftwaffe. The developers are keen to offer both winter and summer versions of the map which likely means we’ll see more than just January 1 featured in the Career mode for this title.

It opens us up to great list of aircraft:

  • Bf 109 G-14
  • Bf 109 K-4
  • Fw 190 A-8
  • Me 262
  • P-51D
  • P-47D
  • Spitfire Mk.IX
  • Tempest Mk.V

Two Collector Planes will also come with the pre-order/Premium edition:

  • Fw 190 D-9 (Collector)
  • P-38L (Collector)

The series will also see the introduction of an AI-only B-25 Mitchell II. Flying with RAF squadrons during the battle, the Mitchell should be well known for any World War II plane enthusiast and its a sure bet that the developers will one day make it a flyable too. If time allows anyways!

Flying the canvas and wood aircraft of The Great War

1CGS is also planning to reintroduce their excellent work on The Great War themed Rise of Flight by offering Flying Circus: Volume 1. This title rehabilitates old aircraft models from Rise of Flight and introduces them into the IL-2 series with their themed module.

Flying Circus will share all of the core technology enhancements added to the IL-2 series including DX11, 64bit support and most importantly, VR support.

This is the tentative list of aircraft:

  • SPAD 13 C.1
  • Sopwith Dolphin
  • Sopwith Camel
  • RAF S.E.5a
  • Bristol Fighter
  • Albatros D.Va
  • Fokker Dr.1
  • Fokker DVII
  • Pfalz D.IIIa
  • Halberstadt CL.II

These are some of the most popular Rise of Flight aircraft and they will be available for flight above a World War I themed France map.

Fighting on the ground

Tank Crew takes the player from the skies and puts them into some intense ground warfare. There are already two tanks available in the IL-2 series that were used to test the concept. Now it’s getting a fully thought out title of its own with further enhanced ground vehicles including all of the major tanks of World War II.

Tank Crew centres itself around the Eastern Front 1943 Kursk tank battle. A map specifically centered around the fighting near Belgorod and Prokhorovka will feature a specially designed 100x100km map setup for tank battles. No word on if fliers can take to the skies above though it is quite possible.

And here’s the list of drivable tanks (tentative we’re told):

  • T-34-76 STZ
  • KV-1s
  • M4A2
  • SU-122
  • SU-152
  • ZIS-5 + 72K
  • PzKpfw III Ausf.L
  • PzKpfw IV Ausf.G
  • PzKpfw V Ausf.D
  • PzKpfw VI Ausf.H1
  • Kfz. 184
  • Kfz. 10 + Flak38

You’ll note the list includes two mobile flak platforms further increasing the likelihood that we’ll be dealing with aircraft – hopefully player flown ones! The devs are also keen to note that multi-person vehicles are a feature so you can team up with your friends all in a single tank.

This is all big news

Easily the biggest news in the history of the series. These three new titles will expand the IL-2 series and build together with the previous titles.

Read the official announcement right here.


Battle of Kuban unleashes new Kuban map, new flight model, new aircraft

September 3rd, 2017 by

This week was a big week for the developers of 1C Game Studios with the release of patch 2.012. The new patch included the Battle of Kuban black sea region map, a revised flight model for all aircraft in the next general IL-2 series, and a brand new aircraft in the form of the Hs129B-2. To say that it was big would be an understatement.

Welcome to the Black Sea

The Kuban river and the surrounding Caucasus region was the site of major fighting during 1942 and 1943. German forces attempted to seize the oil rich region to help sustain their war effort against the Soviet Union but were eventually stopped in a prolonged battle throughout 1943 ending with defeat and an eventual reversal.

The region is dominated by the Black Sea in the south, the Caucasus mountains, wide open plains and farmers fields, salt flats, and many more geographical features. This map more than any other in the series has unique looks no matter where you are.

The map also comes with a half dozen or more new ships for the Black Sea ranging from fast attack motorboats sporting torpedoes to submarines, destroyers and larger transport ships. They look incredible and are far more detailed than the original IL-2 ships – These have individual components that can be destroyed and when they sink… its dramatic to say the least.

Updated flight model

Aircraft in the IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow/Kuban series have been extremely detailed with their flight models but there were problems. Aircraft tended to roll adversely when using the rudder (some call this “roll coupling”) and they tended to bob up and down during some types of flying conditions. This has changed with a massive overhaul of all aircraft in the series with revised flight model parameters.

What does it mean? Well, aircraft feel heavier and fly stiffer than before with the nose wandering less. Many aircraft get heavy control surfaces at high speeds as pressures increase and mechanical leverage lessens. The net effect is aircraft that feel substantial and are controllable.

A new ground attacker

The Hs129B-2 is an armored ground attacker designed for low level operations against vehicle convoys, artillery, and armored vehicles including light and medium tanks. Armed with optional bombs and 30mm cannons, the Hs129B-2 is a heavy hitter. If you’re one of those ‘mud movers’ like some of our Dedicated Bomber Squad guys are then this plane might be for you!

More content and updates on the way

Development of the new IL-2: Battle of Kuban is at a rapid pace right now with the new Career system to replace the old Campaign system (for all three titles) coming in October along with the Yak-7B. In November, we’re expecting the P-39L-1 and the A-20B to finally arrive rounding out the aircraft list for Kuban. Jason Williams, IL-2’s Lead Producer, also mentioned that after development is complete two additional aircraft will be offered as Collector Planes – The La-5FN and Bf109G-6 are sure to be crowd pleasers. He also revealed that a third-party contractor is working on a Po-2 (bi-plane used for night attack and artillery spotting) and Li-2 (DC-3 license built aircraft in Soviet service).

Graphical updates improving the draw distance and removing some of the haze from clear days are planned. As are other updates arriving in the coming months including a new multiplayer Co-op and Air Marshal modes.

Server updated


We’ve got him right where we want him…. I think?

Kuban Spring Training is now in full effect on the UK1 server. Just today the DBS squad was on the server playing against a server full worth of other players and having a great time.

We’re running the new Kuban map so even if you haven’t bought Battle of Kuban yet you can still hop online and check it out. Maybe do some sightseeing? Watch out for those fighters though!

Why not join us on the server the next time you’re jumping into an IL-2 match.


Achtung Spitfire! IL-2: Battle of Kuban makes the legendary Supermarine Spitfire flyable

July 10th, 2017 by

1CGS, the developers behind the next generation IL-2 series including Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow are hard at work on the next installment of the series due to be finished by the end of 2017. Last week the developers made the Spitfire flyable and it’s great!

The Spitfire and the Kuban battles

IL-2: Battle of Kuban covers the intense aerial battles of the Kuban region during 1943. The twist over other eastern battlefields is that the Kuban battle was fought using significant numbers of lend lease aircraft from Britain and the United States. Included in the aircraft set is the P-39L-1, A-20B and the legendary Spitfire Vb.

Over 150 Spitfire Mark Vb fighters with both the Merlin 45 and Merlin 46 engine were used by Russian squadrons on the frontlines of the Kuban battle.

The Spitfire Vb comes with both engine options in IL-2 and a standard loadout for Spitfires with B-Type armament – two Hispano Mark II 20mm cannons with 60 rounds per gun and four Browning .303 machine guns with 350 rounds per gun.

There aren’t many other options (a rear-view mirror can be fitted) but the Spitfire makes up for a lack of options by being generally an excellent fighter and bomber interceptor.

The Spitfire is overall an outstanding performer that is relatively easy to fly with good acceleration, climb and speed. It can also handily out turn nearly every fighter currently available in IL-2! The Spitfire provides an excellent rival option for the Bf109s and FW190s alongside its Russian counterparts like the Yak-1 and La-5.

What else is new?

The IL-2 series has been rapidly evolving. Full VR support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, AI and graphics performance upgrades, new sharpening filters, updated SLI/Crossfire capabilities, the new DX11 graphics engine (introduced late last year), better tree rendering and rendering distance, and impending shadow updates are all part of the progress of the base engine of the series.

Co-op and a revamped campaign system are still due later this year along with the Kuban map in spring, summer and autumn variations.

Six aircraft for the Kuban battle have already been released including the excellent IL-2 Model 1943 with PTAB anti-tank cluster bombs and a standard rear gunner.

At the moment, the following Battle of Kuban aircraft are already implemented and flyable:

  • Bf109G-4
  • FW190A-5
  • Bf110G-2
  • He111H-16
  • IL-2 Model 1943
  • Spitfire Vb

Some aircraft are still to come later this year:

  • Yak-7B
  • Hs129B-2
  • P-39L-1
  • A-20B

Multiplayer servers updated

Our Battle-Field UK multiplayer servers for IL-2 have been updated with the latest patch and our mission makers are currently adding the Spitfire into key scenarios. Join us online and take the Spitfire out for a few missions – get in close with those Bf109s and show them how well the new Spitfire turns!


Impressive progress on Battle of Kuban

March 14th, 2017 by

In the fall, Jason Williams from the IL-2: Battle of Kuban development team laid out a basic outline of what was expected to arrive to Battle of Kuban early access and when. So far the developers at 1CGS are ahead of schedule delivering the Bf109G-4, Bf110G-2, He111H-16 and FW190A-5 ahead of schedule and showcasing some impressive early progress on the Kuban map and their first major warship. Update 2.008 arrived a couple of weeks ago and with it came two aircraft and surprise update to an aircraft that we already have. Things are really coming together!

The Butcher Bird

First up, the FW190A-3 got a big flight model update in version 2.007 and it has transformed the fighter into a deadly one from one that left fans of the aircraft a little frustrated with all of the stalling and crashing that it was doing.

The FW190A-5 has now arrived on the scene with a higher top speed and climb rates as well as some extra firepower options. It also has an engine modification – also a new feature of Update 2.008!

The FW190A-5/U17 modification enables a 1.65ATA engine boost option making this a low altitude hot-rod even with the bomb racks attached. And it can carry eight SC50 bombs at once.

A Meaner Heinkel

We also now have early access to the Heinkel He111H-16 bomber. A meaner one. Yes… that is possible! A modification of the earlier H-6 version, this new edition comes with more powerful engines leading to a slight performance bump but perhaps more importantly is the overall improvement in firepower with slower firing light machine guns replaced by the MG81Z – a rapid fire belt fed light machine gun and a single MG131 heavy machine gun in the top gunner station. It also carries some seriously large bombs as an option – I’m sure our Dedicated Bomber Squad guys are going to love that option on one of the next Friday Night Bomber flights.

But wait… there’s more!



What was old is new again in IL-2: Battle of Kuban development

February 16th, 2017 by

The new generation of IL-2 has had a lot of work to do trying to climb out from underneath the reputation of the original. IL-2 Sturmovik, Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters and the ultimate edition of IL-2: 1946 combined the kind of breadth and detail in a World War II sim never seen before. Starting over was always going to be daunting – but the team at 1CGS is working hard at making the new series into something that the fans can truly love. Some pretty big changes have been happening in the last couple of months and I thought now was a pretty good time to update on what’s happening with the run up to the release of IL-2: Battle of Kuban at the end of this year.



The latest from the world of IL-2

November 20th, 2016 by

If you haven’t been keeping up with the news recently, a lot is going on in the world of IL-2 and for our server regulars and members.

bok-yak1b-heinkelvictoryUpdate 1.005 was recently released for the IL-2 flight simulator product and it brought with it the new Yak-1B Collector Plane. The Yak-1B Series 127 is a incremental improvement over the Yak-1 Series 69 already available since IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad, however, it boasts a much improved cockpit visibility thanks to a bubble canopy and all kinds of small performance improvements. Check out my blog for a detailed review of the new fighter.

New landing gear physics have been implemented so if you’ve been sticking those landings like I sometime do, you might have some better luck now.

Coming in December is Update 1.006 which will bring with it the Ju 52 3m tri-motor transport plane that was so integral to the Luftwaffe’s transport and paratroop operations and a whole new rendering engine update. The IL-2 Digital Nature engine is getting an overhaul to bring it up to DirectX 11 standards. If all goes well, we’ll be able to play the game with the updated engine before Christmas time! Developer reports suggest some significant improvements in performance and we may even see some visual improvements as well.

Syndicate Members, Thor and TxTip, have been busy organizing the Dedicated Bomber Squad’s latest ‘Friday Night Quickie Flights’ running most Fridays these days. If you want to join in on some fantastic teamwork and intense multiplayer action you should definitely check out our forum for the very latest.


Battle of Kuban pre-order now available

September 18th, 2016 by

Battle of Kuban planesThe news keeps on coming for fans of the IL-2 series. IL-2: Battle of Kuban pre-orders are now available for the addition to the series.

Available as standalone or combined with IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad and IL-2: Battle of Moscow, the latest entry in the series comes with 8 regular aircraft and 2 Collector Planes. At the current point in time, only the Premium edition is available which contains the full set of aircraft. A Standard edition will be made available later on.

Starting in December, the first pieces of Battle of Kuban content will arrive in the form of the Bf109G-4. Additional aircraft and the all new Kuban map will release sometime in 2017 leading up to the final release at the end of that year. In addition to the new aircraft, maps, ships, and vehicles, the series will also aim to upgrade the core technologies. DirectX 11 and Virtual Reality support are two of the standout features that the team intends to develop.

Battle of Kuban will also be the last of the Eastern Front themed scenarios for the next couple of installments as the team intends to develop Battle of Midway and Battle of Okinawa after Kuban launches. These two battles will take the series to the Pacific and introduce carrier warfare into the mix for the first time. In the meantime, you can bet that some of our Dedicated Bomber Squad guys will be itching to get their hands on the new A-20B and He111H-16.

So, if you’re interested in another outing in the IL-2 series and want to get in on some VR powered action… the pre-orders are open right now!


Battle of Kuban announced!

September 11th, 2016 by

Promotional art for IL-2 Battle of KubanThis week IL-2 Producer Jason Williams took to the forums to announce the next addition to the IL-2 series: IL-2 Battle of Kuban!

The announcement laid out a plan for the future of the IL-2 series with plans to change longstanding issues, fix bugs, add new content and take the game into other theaters beyond the Eastern Front. Battle of Kuban represents a building ground for the team with regards to ocean and ship technology with the next targeted theater being the Pacific.

Many of the guys on the forums have been hoping for a change of scene and Battle of Kuban will be an installment that leads towards that goal.

The plan as it sits now is the following:

  • Battle of Kuban
  • Battle of Midway
  • Battle of Okinawa
  • Battle of ??????

Some of that may change but it gives you an idea of the expanding scope and trajectory of the series.

So what does Kuban give us and when is it coming out?

There is a 16 month development plan starting now that will see the Kuban battle released by December of 2017. In the meantime, content is planned to be added to the current game as its developed similarly to that of Battle of Moscow and Stalingrad before it. The battle itself was fought in the Kuban region of Russia along the Black Sea. The terrain is more varied than we’re used to with open plains, mountains, and coastal areas. It will be a proving ground for new ocean and ship technology with complex warships, simple trawlers, and everything in between. Kuban is also a region that saw some interesting Luftwaffe types and a good selection of American and even some British aircraft for the VVS.

Aircraft and Content

There is the now standard list of 8 flyable aircraft plus two Collector Aircraft for a total of 10. Let’s check them out:

  • Bf-109 G-4
  • Fw-190 A-5
  • Bf-110 G-2
  • He-111 H-16
  • Yak-7b
  • P-39L-1
  • IL-2 mod.43 UBT
  • A-20B
  • Hs-129 B-2 (Collector)
  • Spitfire Mk.VВ (Collector)
  • Kuban map 300x400km (Seaport, Towns, Mountains, Sea, Prairies, Large Forests, Part of Crimea)
  • Warships (Destroyer, Cargo ships, Submarines, Torpedo boats, Landing Barge)
  • Some New Ground Units

There were a huge list of improvements to the series as well with the recently announced removal of unlocks, new support for DX11 graphics and VR technology, and more all detailed in Jason’s announcement. Read the announcement for the full list and see what the future of IL-2 is all about!


Itching for more IL-2? Wish answered!

August 27th, 2016 by

newplanesItching for some more IL-2 content? The online store for new IL-2 Collector Planes has re-opened with two new pre-orders. The Yak-1B and Ju 52/3m are now available for purchase and will be delivered sometime before the end of 2016. They come with a slight discount at the moment so now is a great time to buy either aircraft if you feel like adding to your collection.

The Yak-1B is an upgraded Yak-1 with improved firepower and 360 degree vision thanks to its bubble canopy.

The Ju 52/3m is the iconic tri-engined armed transport used by the Luftwaffe in nearly every major operation of the war.

These two aircraft join the four other Collector Planes in the store:

  • La-5 Series 8
  • FW190A-3
  • P-40E-1
  • MC.202

News is expected in the near future on where the series will be heading next.


IL-2 unlocks removed, new content details

August 21st, 2016 by


Good news for Willy who hasn't finished doing all of the unlocks!

Good news for Willy! (He hasn’t finished doing all of the unlocks from IL-2’s single player campaign *tsk tsk*)

Some big changes are coming to IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow. Jason Williams, the Producer for IL-2 announced late last week that starting this coming week, you will find all of your unlocks have been removed for equipment, weapons and skins. It won’t matter if you have the Premium edition or the Standard edition and it won’t matter if you have a Collector Airplane or one of the eight standard that come with each of the releases. The doors will be thrown wide open and all of the formerly locked items will be made available.

There is just the one caveat. If you have the Russian market Starter Edition of IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad then nothing will have changed. You will still need to progress through the ranks to gain equipment modifications.

Coming next!

No formal announcement has been made yet about what the team is working on next for their next major project. What we know is that the team has gotten together and that plans for the next two major expansions to the IL-2 franchise have already been planned out and pending the availability of funding, 1CGS will be working on them until completion.

In the meantime, two additional Collectors Aircraft have been announced. The Yak-1B and Ju 52 continue to make progress and Jason’s developer update also showed off some tasty screen shots. We’ve got a few for you right here!



Work on the Yak-1B external model appears to be nearly complete and is now fully textured. The Ju 52 internals continue their progress as well and in this shot we get a good look at the rear gunners station.

We also get a early look at the Odessa map work-in-progress by Zeus and a team of third party and internal developers. With vast stretches of open water, rolling hills and open fields, Odessa should be a familiar but unique map that will add greatly to the eastern front experience.

News surrounding the next release from 1CGS is still to come with Jason indicating news will be made available sooner than later and pre-orders for that and for the Ju52 and Yak-1B collectors aircraft will be forthcoming very soon as well. Stay tuned folks!