First Content for the Battle of Moscow

July 31st, 2015 by

The developers at 1CGS have been pretty busy the last several months. We’ve seen frequent updates but now the content is starting to arrive. And how sweet it is!

The Rat!

Polikaprov’s I-16, sometimes known as ‘Rata’ (Rat), is a short nosed and highly compact fighter that was the primary fighter of the Soviet fighter force for most of the 1930s. The most advanced fighter of its time, by World War II it was outclassed but not entirely outmatched by newer fighters.

If you already did the Premium Pre-order of Battle for Moscow, your new fighter already awaits you in the hangar. If you didn’t you can still have a close look at it is now available for those who did the Premium pre-order of BoM and it’s the first of the Battle for Moscow content to be released.

The version we get is the Type 24. This is a late model I-16 with an upgraded engine and four ShKAS 7.62mm machine guns as standard. It also comes with a variety of unlockable options including the ability to make this a Type 28 – the two wing machine guns get replaced by the much heavier hitting ShVAK 20mm cannon.


My friend in the 109… made a pretty fatal mistake of trying to out turn an I-16. Oops!


Hey! Stop sightseeing… there’s a war on!

Performance? Well… we can only compare against the later model Bf109F-4 and G-2 at the moment. Both of which are far and away superior to the I-16 in speed and climb rate. But the handling on the Rata is extremely good with a rapid roll rate, a very good turn rate, and excellent cockpit visibility. The stall is vicious if you let it get out of hand and it’s easy for a new pilot to really mess things up in a hurry. I found out the hard way!


Posing for the camera. The I-16 might be an odd looking plane but it sure can turn!


The I-16’s “Office” has a pretty decent view.

Against the earlier Bf109 models coming in BoM you can expect to be able to at least keep up in some situations. But you won’t be winning any races!

Summer and Autumn Stalingrad Campaign

The developers have been teasing us with images from upcoming versions of the Battle of Stalingrad map. We’re getting new summer and autumn versions of the Stalingrad map which will take us away from the snow covered fields of the Stalingrad Oblast region and show us some summer and autumn fields.

The change of scenery will be a welcome change for the series and it also introduces new campaigns covering the time period between September and November of 1942 as the German assault on Stalingrad intensified. The developers are aiming to increase mission variety by mixing custom built missions in with the auto generated missions and adding new objects like gunboats along the Volga river. This new theatre and campaign are being shipped free if you already have Battle of Stalingrad so bonus there!

Summer has arrived to IL-2 Battle for Stalingrad.

Summer has arrived to IL-2 Battle for Stalingrad.

Soon to arrive P-40E-1 in Russian colours flying about the summer Stalingrad landscape.

Soon to arrive P-40E-1 in Russian colours flying about the summer Stalingrad landscape.

Other Updates

There has been much criticism leveled against the 1CGS developers for Battle of Stalingrad. In our review we’ve talked about a few of the main issues that the simulation/game has. It’s still the most focused and cohesive next generation WWII flight simulator out there (DCS’ Normandy map still hasn’t landed yet) and it’s immensely fun to just fly around the landscape.

New updates that have recently added to the IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad lineup include the Ju52 (AI plane) that adds so much needed presence of the Luftwaffe’s massive airlift effort and new features such as 64 player servers and the much awaited return of the F11 free look mode that movie makers love so much.

If you have pre-ordered the Premium pack for Battle of Moscow then the MC.202 (August) and P-40E-1 (September) are on their way soon. In October the Bf109E-7 will arrive closely followed by the Bf110E-2. 1CGS has not stated when the remaining 5 aircraft will arrive.

Those Ju52s sure make great targets!

Those Ju52s sure make great targets!

The Luftwaffe's heavy fighter will be available to fly in November.

The Luftwaffe’s heavy fighter will be available to fly in November.

A sneak peek at the 109 'Emil' cockpit.

A sneak peek at the 109 ‘Emil’ cockpit.

Buttons and knobs to mess around with in the MC.202 cockpit!

Buttons and knobs to mess around with in the MC.202 cockpit!

Want to catch up on more stuff? Check out the 1CGS Dev Diary and join us on the Battlefields IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad multiplayer server!


IL-2 1946 receives new Team Daidalos Update

June 7th, 2015 by

The officially designated IL-2 1946 Team Daidalos development team has released the long awaited (and delayed) IL-2 1946 4.13 patch. The patch weighs in at just over 400 megabytes and it comes with new content, fixes, and changes across the board. We’re going to take a short look at some of the highlights.

New planes include the flyable B-24D (its beautiful) American heavy bomber, the Japanese N1K1 fighter series (including the J, Ja, and Jb), SB-2M-103 Russian light bomber, and the Yugoslavian IK-3. The P-40E, M-105 Field Mod., and P-40M receive an external visual overhaul courtesy of artist Macwan. You can also try out the Ju88A-5 (Late) and Ju88P-1 with a massive 75mm cannon. Several new AI types show up as well including many Ju88 models that were missing previously, the German He177A-3 heavy bomber, and a Japanese scout seaplane in the form of the E-13A.

There are also new vehicles and maps with the New Guinea, New Britain map (several versions), the far northern Svalbard, Slovakia Autumn and Tobruk maps joining the mix.

Changes to the bombing mechanics for coop, advanced bomb sight details, damage model tweaks for the engines on the Spitfire, P-51, P-47 & P-40 round out some of the highlights. There are many more details and comments available on the 1C forum for IL-2 1946. Check out the full list.

The Battle-fields team are currently working on updates for our IL-2 1946 servers to support the latest content. No doubt our players are itching to see a B-24D up close and personal! Check out the status on our forums!


Arma 3 Password

December 1st, 2014 by

Because of the inevitable mayhem happening on our Arma server (and not just caused by the regulars) we decided that we would password the server.


Tim’s New Battle Tank

So if you feel you can play nicely with the boys and girl from then here is the pass: battle

May I respectfully ask all those who use the server that they try and adhere (thats posh for stick) to our basic rules.

They are very basic, not unlike the people who enforce them, but hopefully they enable us all to play shooty bang bang games in a friendly and safe environment.

It is our intention to arrange a ‘serious’ gathering from time to time for a coop where people dont drive karts or wear silly hats.

Watch this space!


Arma 3 Server

November 19th, 2014 by

OK, before we go any further let me admit to you that I have spent most of the day sat in my kegs staring at my monitor. Not because I am lazy, no, I have been out for a thrash on my mountain bike and whilst sweating like a fat bloke on a bike (!) I had an epiphany, I had a bottle of water and a piece of flapjack too but that is beside the point. In fact as this is a gaming site and not a site for lycra wearing EPO using cyclists I will try to get back to the point ….. which was …….

Pants, bikes, water, oaty sugary things …. Arma 3! That was it.

About 4 or 5 weeks ago I decided it was about time we had an Arma 3 server, after all, the boys and girl from B-F (yes girl, there was one once) used to play Operation Flashpoint, badly, but it was fun. So as we have all been enjoying the KOTH maps I thought I would download the map and get things running.


Little did I know that the KOTH maps we had been playing are not available unless you pay to rent one! I ask you, its getting like the Battlefield ranked server debacle, sod that, I don’t mind paying for a map but with a ton of server hardware sat in our rack that is underutilised I’ll be buggered if I am being forced into paying for something I don’t need. So I lost interest.

Not just because of the map / server thing but because I couldn’t get any form of Arma 3 server working.  Ive been really busy doing real work so I haven’t had the time to spend on it but I kept coming back to it. I thought I had got it cracked last night but no. I was very close though.

So it was when I was out on my bike today I suddenly realised where I was going wrong and I was so excited rather than getting in the shower I sat at the PC and in just my pants (that English pants not American pants) I got it going. I’ve always done my best work in my pants.

Anyhow, its up, its got some random map on it for capture the flag, as much as anything to test it but all we need to do now is decide what maps and how its going to be run and we can all sit in our pants and play Arma 3 on a descent server.


Stats Mucked Out

September 23rd, 2014 by

I have wiped the stats due to the fact that the poor little database servers was struggling to keep count of all the bullets fired, or was it all the plane crashes? You can find the stats here:


IL2 Stats Back up

August 3rd, 2014 by

I have just completed the regular mucking out of the battle-fields1 IL2 server stats, so as always if you want to get to be in first place (at least until Jon wakes up in Oz) you should fly now!

You can find the stats here.


More On The DBS Mission On BF3 Server

May 3rd, 2014 by

If you read the post below you will know there were plenty of people flying on the BF3 IL2 server the other day, well here is a link to the forum discussion and some awesome pictures taken from the mission.

It is great to see so many people from all over the globe working together to … er…. kill each other, … virtually of course!


Link to the forum post.

flight simulation on BF3 server

looks like Ginger is going to be late home after a long swim!


Game Server For Rent

March 24th, 2014 by

We currently have some spare capacity in the system so I’m thinking of making one of our servers available for rent to the general public, but with a twist.

You can rent a server (get in touch first and let me know what you want to use) using crypto currency, again I’m open to suggestions on this one as to which we will accept but I’m not ruling anything out (yes even CoinyeCoin might be an option).

Rental will be done on a maximum of one month term and usual rules will apply like gaming traffic only etc.


Carrying Out A Serverectomy

February 8th, 2014 by

One of our servers has been a bit poorly, in fact it was poorly when I bought it so it has been doing nothing other than taking up room on the office shelves.

It was suffering from a severe bout of full speed fans, which with modern servers is a sure sign that something is wrong, its not always that easy to work out what though. Anyhow after hours of probing (!?) I narrowed it down to the motherboard and when funds allowed I ordered another one which turned up today.

server repairs

A complete brain swap

Apart from knocking a resistor of a memory module and failing to solder it back on cleanly all went well and the server is out of the woods and ready to perform duties in our rack.

Here is a photo of the patient on the operating table (you can see the old motherboard in the background.


Be Afraid!

December 14th, 2013 by

… be very afraid!!!

No, Im not still ranting about Rimmer (see post below) I’m thinking forward to the impending release of the stand alone version of Dayz (day Z? i dunno).

If you are unaware fo what Dayz is then you are missing out on one pile of fun …. and fear. Having spent too much time trying to keep running I just didnt have the time to play anything for fun; that was until Tim pointed me towards Dayz the Arma 2 mod. It pulled me kicking and screaming (literally sometimes) back into gaming. It scared the crap out of me some times and made me do things I never knew I was capable of (some of which worry me slightly). It has to be one of the most emotional experiences I have had whilst playing games, well since I nearly filled my pants playing AvP in the dark in an empty house but that is another story.

So the news of the stand-alone version is good news. As with many moded games actually getting the thing running and working out how to get connected is a real pain; even IL2 is a bit of an art form to get up to speed and to be honest just too complicated if you just want a quick fix once in a while. Not that Dayz was ever a quick fix for many of us who played it a B-F, days and weeks went by unnoticed, I was playing it on my days off, on my own in the day as well as in the evening with the regulars.

Here is a trailer of what is in store very soon, CAUTION there is some swearing in this, which is something we try and steer away from at B-F but I challenge anyone to play this game without swearing!