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11-02-2006, 11:44
Just thought I'd post here what I thought of Objective_Moonlight which appeared on UKD1 for the first time this morning about 1-2am my time.

Brilliant, a real departure from the usual daylight S.E. fighter dominated maps adding an important aspect of the airwar thats been a bit neglected to say the least. This has added a new lease of life to the Beafighter and the Me110 that are usually present as Tactical low level bombing aircraft rather than as TwinEngined fighters. Only the tiniest tweaks are neccessary dealing with Flak density coupled with ground fires that really bit into the frame rate over the city targets.

My compliments to the chef, I loved it! :D

11-02-2006, 11:50
All the credits go to Grey_Mouser, as he is the one that designed the map. I just uploaded it to the server.

As for flak density, I know it s a bit much. I could get decent fps in single player, but I know there is a huge difference betweeen online and single player. The map is on trial, I think Mouser will make the necessary changes when there are enough comments on it.

Thanks for the feedback Firelok :fluffle:

11-02-2006, 22:02
Probably need a bit more feedback, but I did just send Brcn a tweaked version of the map with the following changes....

Added Ju88 to southern blue base for skip bombers...no torps on it
Added 1 20mm AA gun to Northern blue base
Deleted all 20mm guns from LeHavre...there is an E boat for protection only
Slowed the rate of fire of the two destroyers around Red base
Changed Time of Day to 2:15am...that is where map begins to get brighter.

Main objective was to be a little more framerate friendly. Only flew it once, but I found the Beau and 110 to be an interesting match up...it was like fighting in slow motion...until I got Pk'd by the 110's rear gunner :eek: . I'd love to see the Mosquito on that map, but I'm afraid it would just be too unbalanced...I feel like the Beau already has a bit of an advantage over the 110.

I heard a few complaints about the night mission....all I have to say is if it is too dark, increase the brightness and contrast of your monitor before complaining...it is a night mission and meant to be dark...but not unreasonable. Maps to advance time, so as the map plays, it should get slightly brighter.

I don't know if we will put this adjusted map in there right now, later or not at all as it might be too early and Brcn is a busy guy but we will continue to tweak the map and others until a good balance is struck.

I also recieved feedback that the guys in UK2 did not have the issues with framerate loss that UK 1 did...maybe the cockpits shielded some of the AAA fire....don't know if that map should or will be tweaked.

Lets see if others have feedback...

Thanks for your observations! :)

11-02-2006, 23:10
I think we should wait to see more comments and map to be played more than once to make a change on it. But it is up to you, I can just upload the new version if you want.

11-02-2006, 23:33
The Mosquito as is....probably is slower than the 110. I think the 110 has the advantage. Might still consider it...the Beaufighter is plenty fast and probably faster than the 1942 Mosquito we've got.

12-02-2006, 02:01
by all means...hold the map. I only played it once and i addressed the lag and timeframe and slotted in a new aircraft. I only have one map to tend to so it is easier on me to make changes than it is for you!

I've never speed tested the Bf110....I will and if it is within 10km/hr I would vote for adding the Mosquito!

I'll check it out tonight! I already know the Mosquito can get 558 at sea level and I'd be suprised if the 110 is close to that, but who knows!

12-02-2006, 02:34
here are the results...

BF110: 520km/hr

Beaufighter: 516km/hr

Mosquito: 558 km/hr

I was suprised to see the 110 faster than the Beau, but it was! All tests subject to my normal disclaimer that my test methods follow the Crimea, noon, etc stuff but that my ability allows for a bit of error.

12-02-2006, 07:17
Wow...ok...I wasn't expecting that. Everyone was saying how slow it was...but the Bf110 walks away from many fighters in the earlier war maps and gets upto a very good speed.

The Mossie is also more agile than both of those two.