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11-02-2006, 22:12
Flew last night and a Fw190A-5 was on blue side. :mp5:

I have had many 6 and 7 kill sorties, flown around with impunity in the A-4 on that map...now :eek: watch out red team!

Seems like a little overkill to me...we are really missing a key aircraft and that is the Merlin 61 Mk IXc for this scenario....I know I won't be flying red on that map any time soon.

12-02-2006, 00:14
Hi Mouser !

I think that the Fw 190 A4 needs to be supplanted on some maps with the Fw 190 A5 purely for map balance. I agree with you that Channel 42 is already fairly balanced and the A4 does fine on that map. I think the Inclusion of the Fw 190 A5 is overkill.

Here is my suggestion.

Rename Channel 42 map Channel 41 and keep the Fw 190 A4 and current Red planes set adding the Ju88.

Keep the Channel 42 map and add Fw 190 A5 as main Fw add Bf 109 G2, on blue side add Spitfire IX c instead of Merlin 61 model and add Mosquito?

Im hope these changes dont sound too ungrateful, I do feel that it is imperative to have the Fw 190 A5 on some Eastern front and Med maps however the Channel 42 map we have could easily be labeled 41 and be accurate considering the aircraft models we had on it.

Personally it would be great to have another Channel map added as Early Mid war Western front action is historically very interestng and its hard to pick between a Raf Luftwaffe matchup of this period.


12-02-2006, 01:32
Are you sure it is Channel42, i didnt add that plane to that map.

12-02-2006, 01:58
I am pretty darn sure it was channel 42...I don't think it was a bonus plane either because I didn't remember blue winning the map before.

I agree with Boehmer...if I'm not imagining things...late 41/early 42 aught to feature A4 vs MkV....a very late 42 if not early 43 could feature MkIX/Mosquito vs. FwA5 and Bf110...the latter without Mk108's.

I suppose it is worth a look...but it was the map on Normandy where the spits get the airstart by England and the Fw's are on the southern base!

12-02-2006, 04:12
I don't get why you always want to ban the Mk108 from the 110? Where is the point in it? It's a heavy fighter/destroyer. If you take the 108 from it it'll be a poorly maneuverable fighter which will be an easy kill for a Spit or Mossie...

12-02-2006, 05:07
The mk108 was only available in the second half of 43 if I'm not mistaken for one...secondly, there is something about that gun that does not translate from real life to this game...in otherwords, if you read about it alot, you will see the comments over and over and over that it is a very short range weapon that worked well against bombers, but not good for fighters. It had a poor trajectory, was inaccurate and if you get into some of the fine print, there is a limited range due to the shell itself not exploding....can't remember some of my sources.

Typically, Luftwaffe aircraft employing the Mk108 had to get less than 200 meters to hit and kill a target as large as a B17. The cannons were preferred and actually through 43 it was very common to see 20mm gunpods, not mk108's. The nose cannon in the G6, for example, was a rare version. Did you ever wonder why the Me-262 opted for 4 mk 108's???? when it could have had two with more ammo! It only took 2-4 hits IIRC to bring down a bird as tough as a B17...B24's were much less tougher than the Flying Fortress even!

That is my reason for not wanting it...one shot wonders. If it fired like a real mk108, you would like it for bombers, but that is about it...the latter statement is my opinion only and does not reflect the opinions of the syndicate or any of the map makers necessarily...I'll let them speak for themselves why they don't like mk108's or do like them.

12-02-2006, 11:13
While I rarely use them now that the 151/20s work, I don't think MK108s should be limited on maps because 'they're one shot wonders' - they should only be limited due to historical availability.

Denying heavy bomber killers on maps where there are heavy bombers would be a curious decision indeed for a server promoting itself on historical accuracy.


12-02-2006, 13:03
So what do you guys think about renaming Channel 42 Channel 41 and keep it as it is except for adding Ju88 and maybe early version B17 AI ? Then on Channel 42 add the Fw 190 A5 and Spitfire IXc without airstart ;) Mossie, Bf 110 and Bf 109 G2?

12-02-2006, 13:57
Ok then lets bring the Fw 190 A5 on to all Westernfront and MED maps for the year 1942.

23-02-2006, 20:39