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13-02-2006, 18:40
Taken from http://www.gennadich.com

New version IL2 Server Commander 1.70Changes in version 1.70
Attention !
IL2SC database scripts updated
if you install il2sc for the first time then you must use MakeEmptyDB.sql script
if you had il2sc previously installed then use UpdateDB.sql script

1. New setting path added - Advanced configuration №2

2. MySQL 4.1 and higher support added (libmysql41.dll lib used)

3. Multi language interface added (russian, english, german) and ability of custom languages adding by *.txt files editing.

4. New variable added for "il2sc.exe forcestart N" command line, N- time of connection in mili seconds (N=15000 msecs by default)

5. GeoIPCountryWhois.csv file updated

6. Now its able to navigate thru differebt settings paths

7. IP authorisation ability for client added (if set on in il2sc_stat settings)

8. Added ability for count static planes losses into the whole count of planes losses

9. Added ability of players percent change for voting setting

10. New variable added ChatLogDetail (chat records into database: off, only clients messages, all messages)

11. Qick map launch from down drop menu ability added

12. New user command added - "<map" (shows next map in load queue on server)

13. Now, planes number is unnecessary parameter for weapons and planetypes restrictions. New ability of restrictions setting only for planes armaments, while whole planes number used for armaments count

14. New variable added - CollisisonDetect
=1 do not record death into stats after collision if it has happen before take-off and both colliders are from the same team
=0 record stats as is

15. New type of status added - DIEDISCO, records into stats if pilot incorrectly leaves server while had been killed/damaged

16. Error with paratrooper KIA record for stats from previous sortie fixed

17. CountStaticPlanes (static planes losses) and VoteLevel (votes percent) added into each mission *.ini file so it can be set separately for each mission. Global settings are ignored if it set

18. Other minor bugs fixed