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15-02-2006, 10:38
Im working on 5 new maps:

China41 (P-40B vs KI and D3)
Channel41(109E7 and F2,Ju88 vs SPit mk V and Hurri field mode)
Stalingrad Winter43 (G-2 A4 ju88 He-111 stuka vs Yak and La, Spit mk VIII)
Leningrad43 (it will be 2 version one on original map)(F4 A4 bombers vs LA yak Lagg)
Hill400(Noramdy44)(A6 G6 Ju87 vs Tempest P-51D maybe spits)

If u have any suggestion pls post it.

15-02-2006, 12:31
Hi Kaster, you know what I am going to say

Winter 43

Stalingrad Winter43 (G-2 A4 ju88 He-111 stuka vs Yak and La, Spit mk VIII)

Winter 43

Fw 190 A5/ A5 1.65 ATA and Fw 190 A6 were all present and operational on Eastern front in Winter 1943.

Converseley the only Bf 109 available in numbers was the Bf 109 G6 normal version - not the G2.

PS Britain never sent Spitfire VIII's to Russia they were used in the Pacific predominantly. If you want to be accurate I suggest using the Spitfire Vb or the IXc.

Yellow 2
15-02-2006, 13:21
Thanks for these they sound like they should be fun. Just one thing on the Channel 41 map, I see that the Russian Hurricane field modification is included in the plane set. Historically this should be the MK11b or c versions, the c version certainly has enough 'punch' if that was the intention of using the Russian field mod version.

Cheers :)

15-02-2006, 17:47
Good point there wasnt a Stalingrad battle in 1943 it would have to be Winter 1942.

15-02-2006, 20:16
Someone need history lesson. :D

16-02-2006, 01:45
FYI...a significant number of Spitfire MkVIII's served in the MTO

Not many, if any served in the ETO but they are appropriate for 43/44 Italian maps.

16-02-2006, 02:07
Yep...infact I'm questioning the presence of Spitfire IX's on Pacific and MTO maps when there were few or none in those theaters. The Spitfire VIII was almost exclusively used in the Desert and Italian campaigns as well as in Burma and with the RAAF in the Pacific.

The Spitfire IX was kept for use in Europe and there were few or no Spitfire VIII's operating there. There is evidence to support maybe half a squadron worth in some of the more unusual wing/squadron structures. Usually whenever a full Spitfire XIV wing could not be formed they grabed whatever they could in the form of Spitfire VI, VII, VIII, and filled as many as possible with XIV's.

Definately no Spitfires at Stalingrad that I know of...should not be there. Spitfires in Russian service seem to have been mostly used in high altitude defense of Moscow, defense of Leningrad, and during the Kuban campaign. The first Luftwaffe encounter with Spitfires was actually disbelieved and then covered up so as not to degrade morale. Such was its legend felt throughout the Luftwaffe.