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20-02-2006, 00:48

I ve finished editing all the maps for SC, and i ll upload them to the servers tomorrow. We will be (hopefully) using the new software for both servers. We will have more than 60 maps on the cycle, with 3 versions of each map, a map with bonus to red will load if red team wins the previous map, and vice versa.

I would be pleased if you do the following before you submit a map for the server;

1. Please give a unique name to your map. You can see the map names in the server stats, which can be accessed through www.battle-fields.com.
2. Please write a briefing for your map, shortly describing the historical situation, and giving the location of the objectives for each team in their briefings. You can find the briefings and the maps that are on the cycle in your \Missions\Net\cache folder in your PC.
3. Please create an ini file for your maps, check here (http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?t=10093) to learn how to create an .ini file. Do not hesitate to ask any questions on how to do that.
4. Try to make scenarios that we don't already have, and please post a review of your maps to this forum before you send them (for an example review, check here (http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?t=9954) )

Send your maps to il2maps@il2hq.com with UKD Map Submission as the subject. If you drop me a PM saying you sent a mission, I ll appreciate that.



16-05-2006, 21:30
Is anyone taking care of the maps (including new, making changes etc.) whilest Brcn is busy?

28-05-2006, 20:44

Has anyone any news about Brcn's whereabouts? I have no insight to what the admins know but I know that we really need someone who could take care of the map issues during his time out, urgent.

And we should bring up a vote with all maps and a short description so we can establish a good map circle without any unwanted maps. Right now, we have some sort of chaos, which I can't stand at all.

Making this a monthly or quarterly arrangement should prove to be pretty valuable.

29-05-2006, 15:19
Ok, first thing would be the inclusion of the new maps which have been submited weeks ago to the e-mail addy from the first post. If we can't test them in the circle we don't know what to tweak.

31-05-2006, 21:18
Can I ask which maps got forwarded from those sent to that Email address, because I'm not sure which ones I sent there may need to be sent afresh. :)