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26-02-2006, 18:33
This isn't a post about technical problems with this map but it does have problems...
Just to recap Sevastapol44 is very rainy has thick low cloud massive turbulence and windshear at low level(it is unusual and beautiful in a murky way.)
The problem is that it bleeds players as soon as it comes on, I've just been playing it @18.00 UKGMT on a sunday. The previous map had about 14/16 players, after 15mins on Sevastapol44 there was me, Ovod and Yellow2. We tried to vote it off multiple times but got no joy. People joined and left straight away after seeing it and soon there was just me. :(
I like it's character but if it has this effect of clearing the server at a popular time of the weekend I think it needs toning down a little whilst still keeping it's character. Your thoughts please :)

26-02-2006, 18:48
Personally I've never liked it. The weather basically ruins it. We have so many maps like it with good weather, I vote we just remove it.

26-02-2006, 18:55
Yep - I'd remove it too - or set the reasonable weather

Yellow 2
26-02-2006, 19:05
Just posted about the same thing :-


Cheers :)

06-03-2006, 10:55
Why not just try toning down the weather a little? I think it's set to 'Rain' at the moment, why not try 'Poor'. It's good having a low visibility map, it's just that aiming on this one at low level is impossible.

06-03-2006, 12:48
I really like the weather it makes the mission very atmospheric. It is good to have one map out of many that offers something a little different. All I would suggest is that the turbulence is toned down just a little. It is very tough to hold a target in your gunsight below 1000m as the buffeting makes it untenable.

06-03-2006, 16:31
Then if thats the case id rather see the mission stay in its current form. Its challenging, atmospheris, a buhher to run on most machines but its one that favours attack aircraft and also allows for some good immersion. If people dont like it they can <vote or and admin can change it.

07-03-2006, 01:42
So, as far as I can work out this mission is set to Rain/Snow conditions. The previous setting above this is Blind (not as bad as it sounds) that still preserves the contiguous low cloud deck but doesnt have the viscious cross winds and turbulence, unfortunately there is no rain. As for easily voting the map off this isn't always possible as sometimes there are 'invisible' spectators that throw the voting numbers way off.

07-03-2006, 15:44
I vote just to change the weather, we dont want to lose maps as I seem to be playing the same ones over and over (mostly Yak1 versus 109E/109F's :( where I have to fly red cos noone else will)

The planeset is good, just change the weather to good and see how it goes before you just remove it.

Its the weather that puts people off.

We have the nighttime maps for poor visibility (the late war Russian front map with Yak3ps vs 190D and 109K)

07-03-2006, 18:37
I don't think you can just set the weather to 'Clear' or 'Good'. IIRC IceFire designed this map and he's put in a lot of little details (lights in particular) that are suited to the weather conditions.

It's set to 'Rain' at the mo. I suggest trying 'Blind' (one level better) or 'Poor' (two levels better). Both these settings will retain the moodiness but not be so harsh with the crosswinds. The way it is right now it's actually impossible to taxi a He111.

BTW, does anyone know if you can change the wind direction in a map? If not how do you find out which way it's blowing? Seems to me no self-respecting aviator would consider taking off without knowing the wind direction.

08-03-2006, 22:14
This is a pet peave of mine. Everyone has it too bloody good in the virtual world. Some dogfight servers have you thinking that WWII was fought in clear skies around lunch time all the time. Infact the sun never went down during WWII and there were no clouds...RIGHT!

All the bellyaching about the virtual sun in their faces and the virtual storm clouds beating their aircraft around just doesn't fly so well with me. That said, I realize its a consideration to make when designing a map...but this map was designed with the rain (I was set on doing a Thunderstorm but that was cruel and unusual to all but the most experienced pilots) in mind. Particularly the aids for finding bases and targets. Take the rain off and all of that was for naught.

You could set it to Blind...it'll still be pretty dark and dreary but not the effect I was originally going for.

Thing is that I started reading alot of pilots memoires and these guys weren't just combat pilots shooting down enemy planes...they flew through some of the worst and most dangerous weather around in order to complete their missions or just fly home. Some missions may have started out in clear skies but the target was full on thunderstorms (which BTW are not done to my satisfaction in this game as the thunderheads should extend way past 10,000m) and home base became fogged in.

I'd prefer not to change it. If your on...maybe goad some of our wussier players into giving the thing a shot. Its hard and its meant to be hard and its the same for everyone. You want to fight in clear skies? Take it above 4000m :D

08-03-2006, 23:42
IceFire, it's not in anyway your fault that I don't like the way the game handles the weather. As far as I'm concerned, I will leave any server I'm on when a rain map comes along. Therein lies the problem - people seem to leave when the map comes on.

It's nothing to do with the map, it's 100% to do with the way weather affects things. I just don't find it fun.

Besides, when it rained in the way that it does on the map very very few planes were airborne most of the time. It didn't pay either side to lose planes and pilots due to attrocious weather.

09-03-2006, 01:20
There is definately a wuss factor at work here Ice, I've had some great Sturmovik sorties on this map but the problem is i've been there alone. :rolleyes: which is pointless I might aswell QMB in that weather.
It's a shame about the rain which adds a lot of character,(although for some this is a real performance killer) Perhaps Blind with a different time of day?
Or what about leave current Rain/Snow setting and weaken the required amount of objectives? So it's still hardcore but for less time.

09-03-2006, 04:40
Fair enough that people don't like the weather...but I will argue that they did indeed fly in that stuff and far worse than we have. The thing that I dream of doing in the future is flying in between densley packed stratocumulus clouds like Pierre Closterman was doing during middle of 1944 in his Spitfire IX. Limits the dogfight environment to small patches in between clouds which are all around.

But far worse was flown through than that.

To lessen the wuss factor...perhaps the best thing is indeed to change the settings to make it later in the day and set the weather to blind. This was the grand experiment and obviously people can't handle the weather. Frankly you don't find a single server on HL that has bad weather. Its annoying to me...but I'll get my revenge in my single player Tempest campaign...the weather is not pleasant :)

09-03-2006, 13:08
Frankly you don't find a single server on HL that has bad weather. Its annoying to me...but I'll get my revenge in my single player Tempest campaign...the weather is not pleasant :)

I recall being on a Spits v109s map with I think Stanford and Triggaaaar. It was snowing and it took me 20 minutes and a couple of death-kicks to taxi to the runway threshold, by which time the map was over. I had fun trying, (locked cockpit, unfamiliar airfield), but I wouldn't want to do it too often. The way the wind affects taxiing is pretty weird and extreme in this game IMHO. Much more manageable in FS2004 which has a far more sophisticated weather system.

That said I like a bad weather map once in a while. You can't have all the maps pleasing everyone cos then you're always limited to lowest common denominator stuff - a bit like TV being all reality/soap/makeover.

I say max the weather out to Thunderstorm. At least those of us left on the server would have a laugh. And give me a mosquito to fly so I can watch the wipers working. And turn the map icons off... :D

30-05-2006, 18:28
I personally like the map,Variety is the spice of life they say.

I flew it in a pe2,take off hit the clouds,fly to target,come screaming out of the clouds,hit target...back in clouds & Home! :)

worked like a dream,and i only saw 3 planes for duration of map.only 1 of which was enemy.

fantastic to take off in nasty weather,break through into the sunshine...then back down into the murk.

very good :)