View Full Version : Groundhog Day

Yellow 2
26-02-2006, 19:01
I joined UKD2 earlier tonight in the middle of the Crimea map with the terrible weather conditions - low cloud, gale force winds, rain etc. There were about seven of us to start with and after a couple dropped out we tried to vote for a map change but on each occasion the server reported that there were twice as many people flying as there actually were. Even when it was just Firelok and I and we both voted for a map change it still would not change, so there seems to be a problem at least tonight with this map.

On the subject of this map it appears to be a server emptier as people either leave or vote for a change so could we try it without the extreme weather. The cloud cover would make it interesting enough.

Forget it !! - pipped at the post please see Firelok's post Sevastapol44