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12-03-2006, 15:15

I have been away from computer and gaming for some time. Sorry for not being able to maintain the map cycle and/or correct the maps. I will have more time from now on, and i will try to correct anything wrong with the maps and add the new maps submitted by others.

I lost my hd and all the maps sent from others, sorry for that. Could you please send them again, if you have already sent them before? I will look into them as soon as i get them again.

See you, hopefully in the server.


12-03-2006, 16:09
Welcome back, I missed you.

awe... :fluffle:


yup, we gots new maps to donate!!
welcome back matie

12-03-2006, 16:11
but I recon I might have some mistakes in the .ini and .properties files (I can't test them)
Suggestions/pointing out things that need to be fixed in the .mis file (if any) are welcome - I have never made an online map before. The prop fighters planeset is arbitrary - I put the best planes availabe in 45, rather than than all available in the map theater of operations (Germany/Norway) at the time. The heavy water plant was on a dam in Norway, but the me163s were, of course, only in Germany.


12-03-2006, 20:11
S! Welcome back

Brcn im bit little busy but i try to end maps for server. i havt o change many thing on maps and add that .ini file. Or i will send you without it if you want.

China41 - (P-40B vs KI and D3)
Channel41 - (109E7 and F2,Ju88 vs SPit mk V and Hurri IIC)
Stalingrad Winter43 - (G-2 A5 ju88 He-111 stuka vs Yak and La, Spit mk IX)
Leningrad43 - (it will be 2 version one on original map)(F4 A5 bombers vs LA yak)
Hill400(Noramdy44) - (A6 G6 Ju87 vs Tempest P-51D P-47D Spit Mk iX)
Essen 45(dont know if u saw it) - (K-4 D-9 Me-262 vs B-25 B-17 SPit IX P51 P47)