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24-03-2006, 21:59

Icefire made the changes to the map, so the credit goes to him. I just created the ini file, I prefer his comments before making any changes to the map. Thanks for the feedback.

24-03-2006, 23:34
Yeah I reworked the map based on my experiences with the map.

In terms of planesets...I'm open to modifications to the set. When I was building it I still wasn't sure of the fate of the J2M3. Since we do have that now the Japanese have a fighter that can very evenly compete with just about anything in the 1944 range.

Actually, as that theater goes...the J2M3 and some Zero's were pretty much all that the Japanese had available. The Ki-100, Ki-61's and some of the other types were not there at all...however I felt that I needed to balance out the ranks. The Ki-100 mostly because it gets so little play on UK-D and because its a capable fighter and somewhat capable fighter-bomber.

The airfield target is infact meant to run the Red team down on planes as it gives the Japanese side an option other than confronting the reds directly. That said...you may be right that the Red team simply doesn't have enough aircraft numbers to make it a fight at all which was not the intention. Perhaps giving the Red team some more aircraft would be a good idea.