View Full Version : FBD/SC Map Creation Questions

27-04-2006, 17:46
If I'm creating maps for both Server Commander(UK2) and FBD (UK1) am I really going to need to create separate properties files for each server?
FBD has a couple of lines added to the normal properties file and SC has a whole .ini file.
Can the same properties file be used for both servers? i.e. does Server Commander disregard the extra lines added for FBD to the properties file? or are two different properties files necessary?

Also I'm still a little hazy on the FBD properties lines and info is scarce, a lot of the info links are dead now. I for one could do with a refresher, anyone willing?

I'm all set up to roll out a Pe-2 map when the addon becomes available and it would be nice to run in on both servers from the outset.

30-04-2006, 13:28
Thanks m8, no specific questions right now,maybe after I've gone and counted tanks and train cars in FMB for the next few days :)
* Ooh, my fallible memory just kicked in, If I've created edited (combined) properties files for the missions I've submitted, (Objective_Apennines43;Objective_Dalmatia.{red/blue/normal for both}) should I be submitting the whole shooting match together again or just the new properties files?