View Full Version : Objective_Berlin Update

18-06-2006, 16:01
1. Shifted both sides targets to a more central position.
2. Both sides now have a single large airfield, The blue airfield that was always under constant attack with folks getting nailed just after takeoff has been removed, blues use the old secondary airfield west of this position now.
3.Airfields dressed a little now,all planes present are added as static versions.
4.Altered briefs to make things clearer and for new target locations.
5.Blues tank forces are dug in further west now, rather than on the verge of red's airfield so planes aren't attacked by Wirblewinds on takeoff.
6.Red's Tank forces are deployed all together advancing along a central road.
7. Red HQ now looks like a forward suppy base.
RED HQ/Forward Supply Base.
Target counts are all the same just the locations are further west and more centralised.

18-06-2006, 16:13
Good stuff...I'm sure it'll be much better in practice. This was always a fun map but with some more serious problems with it. I look forward to seeing the fixes!