View Full Version : Burma43 updated

23-06-2006, 15:17
I think it would be a mistake to make any major alterations to this map, so I haven't...
1. Added blue/red bonus planes and swapped an older Zero for the Ki-43b to stop the mass abandonment of blue team when the 43 Zero's run out.
2. Put in the G4M11 'Betty'(with largest ordinance restricted) to give blues some two engined action aswell.
3. Increase target count for blues slightly to compensate for adding Betty.
4. Improved both airfields.
5.Improved red HQ...
6. Both sides have a destroyer off their targets and lowered AAA levels to compensate.
7.Spiced up the main Vultchers route to either airbase with Japanese fishing boats for blues and an Island spotter base for red(.50cal).
8.Spellings altered to traditional english spellings.