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29-06-2006, 12:54
What else! lol

Some time back after whine after whine on Ubi forums Oleg stated that to get the Fw 190 A4 fighter variant we should usthe Fw 190 A5 1943 model. He said that this is easier than him introducing the fighter variant ( to those who dont know the current A4 perfoms as a derated Jabo version ).

I would like to see the Fw 190 A4 fighter version A.K.A the Fw 190 A5 implemented on some maps where it would be relevant. Two maps in particular spring to mind : the desert43 map where the A4 is currently flyable vs the Spitfire Vb L.F, the P38J and the P47 22 amongst others and the Kuban map which features La5 and P39 N2.

Maps where the A4 already dominates would be pointless in altering. Now that we have the capability of limiting aircraft numbers on UKD2 I see no reason not to introduce the A5 where it should deputise.

Any chance of this being implemented? I spoke with Brcn ages ago and he said he agreed and as map curator would implement it but he has subsequently disappeered!

29-06-2006, 14:50
Desert43 is one of the maps personally I would choose to retire from the current UKD2 map rotation.
Tunis is similar in a lot of respects but for different spits and the A5 is there, Tunis has a better balance of targets for either side and a more focussed area of action. Desert43 is very easily won (and won quickly) by 4 or 5 Ju88s. Tunis needs a little more dedication for a win.

29-06-2006, 23:13
I'd definately agree with Boehmer depending on the situation. For instance we know the early war Channel version with the FW190A-4 is more than enough against the Mark Vbs that we have. Thats a target fest for the FW190s if a pair of good pilots go after it. I think Boehmer and I managed 4 or 5 Spitfires to each of our names in one go.

Fine with me if that map is retired. Probably good to retire (and archive) some older maps infavour of redone, rebalanced, retweaked or completely new scenarios.

01-07-2006, 01:40
I think this is a great idea.

I am fed up with the FW190 not having its historical Speed advanatage.

Changing it on those 2 maps sounds cool.

04-07-2006, 10:21
I actually like CHannel 43.

The map I would most like to see changed or removed is the winter one with the La5FN and the blue targets in B1.

ALL the blue fighters are both slower and are outurned by the La5Fn, meaning its no fun at all for blue on that map.

It needs tweaking or removing in my opinon. Its very frustrating for blue, having no defence at all.

12-07-2006, 14:21
Firelok thanks a lot for adding the Fw 190 A5 on to that Russian map where it has the La5 and P39. The Fw 190 A5 is a nice addition it may be good to modify the map further still allowing the A5 purely for fighter loadouts and the Fw 190 A4 purely for Jabo loadouts therefore underlining how one is a fighter and one is a bomber.

12-07-2006, 17:29
Not sure which one you're talking about Boehm.Kuban?

12-07-2006, 18:19
Thats the one

12-07-2006, 19:58
This thread might interest you, http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?t=11028
would like your insights as to the general planeset too mate,maybe with an eye to expanding blues options.