View Full Version : Still some maps very short

23-07-2006, 00:51
The map timer on several maps are really quite short. Infact I'd say that most if not all maps still complete far too quickly. I know the timer is off but it may be useful to increase the timers even further.

As it stands now...most maps can just be barely completed if a core group of pilots dedicates themselves to destroying the target. If not....then the timer expires long before the targets are even at 50%. My personal opinion is that all the maps should last much longer and focus on getting teams to complete the maps to end them.

I think I feel and maybe some others do that we've having a great time getting into the map and all of the sudden its over.

03-08-2006, 00:40
At the moment the default times are 120mins(UK2servertime=60mins) just adding to the timer might throw up some other problems associated with ship sleeping times and the Respawn timelimits that have been added. Certain of the 'Big-Battle' maps could have a longer time-limit although this can have a discouraging effect when these maps appear on a lightly populated server.

03-08-2006, 01:00
Does the game timer and the SC timer sync up tho? Even if the ship sleep timer was set at 120 minutes and we put the game at 180 minutes the map would still be over in 60 minutes SC time. The maps are just so short compared to what they used to be.

03-08-2006, 01:43
I think increasing the timer to 160 minutes is probably a good idea and is fairly easy to do across the board, anything with ships is going to take some time to sort out as the FMB doesn't let you set sleep times over 90minutes but it can be done by editing the .mis files directly.
BTW Kyushu has this extended time-limit already and so does DDay now.