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29-07-2006, 22:20
Hi all, well today I was genuinely surprised to find my pc starting up with a strange message.

stating there was an error with Generic host process for win32.

Now I'm not fluent in the language off computers I know where to find things like the files and folders that you can see if all is connected and all that other stuff but that's about it. I'm still learning each day.

So I'm trying to think what I've done the last few days. (what could it be)

recalling one blue screen due something with videocard issue while flying online. never happened before. must be warm weather.

and one blue screen with a security issue warning of some sort.
(also a lot of application of my start are being shown as just installed and got darker colour as you know what I mean?) thought that weird.(worried it had something to do with bountybox)

both instances reboothed and got everything up and running again. I was flying

Since I hadn't made time to get rid of bounty box I did clear it from the windows application screen (the one you get when pressing ctrl alt and del.)
and shut down bounty box.

yesterday I finished flying shut the pc down and pressed the button to switch it off quicker. It was late and I was dead tired. normally I wait for it to stop before power off.

So today I got this message. Now I thought could it be? virus? or something.
so scanned with norman virus my system. nothing came up. :wall:

auto restore function to earlier date. doesn't work.

I get sound when starting up (engine of plane starting up) yet windows media player and other applications with sound don't work.

all my sound settings and cards and drivers are checked and they all give the message all OK. I'm overheating now for coming up with no answers so armed with a drink I try to think> no succes even with drink.

Strange is I cannot access firewall icon/ auto restore / or system icon.
and if I go to sound icon I see all connected yet it shows me there are no devices yet in direct x check I see all devices as such and also with another screen (don't ask me which) i can see that everything is there.?

so sound is not working so I am grounded till this is fixed. No roaring engine or gun's going off, or the metal grinding when plowing through a field.

just wanted to know if any of you or you heard of something happening to someone who also got bounty box with the new patch. could this be related or is it just something else?

well I'm gonna try to follow that post on bounty box removal and maybe later try to start making a new online map. since flying is out with no sound.

reinstalled sound yet no succes. even got rid of a prg which had no relation to this yet it hasn't been removed?

I will bring it to a store ASAP to get it fixed.

29-07-2006, 22:30

Sounds complicated.

30-07-2006, 00:15
Even though I dislike it, I doubt it's boontybox.

Well, regardless, I'd try the following:

a. Update your virus checker then run a full scan. If possible, download another free virus checker (just in case the one you had has been nobbled by something on your system..something like AVG) and try that.

b. Download spybot, ad-aware and ewidu or whatever it's called and do a full scan with those.

c. If nothing shows up, download rootkit revealer from sysinternals and give that a blast.

If still nothing shows up, it sounds like you either have a hardware problem or Windows has screwed up. In either case, if you are still under warranty, I'd suggest removing all your jpgs :) (just winding you up) and take it back to the shop.

If not, you could try SiSoft Sandra and let it do some diagnostics...it might show something up but it's anyones guess.

If you *have* got a virus or whatever, you really need to consider better security. Use Firefox or Opera browsers only in conjunction with keeping your virus checker up to date. Also, try to use Spybot and co once every few days just to make sure. And make sure you surf on a "limited user" account.

If you really want to be secure, think about surfing and torrenting etc only with Linux...either via a Live CD version (Slax Popcorn is 129MB) or a full blown installation (piece of p*ss to install and use these days) e.g. Ubuntu.

If you haven't got a virus or whatever, and you are out of warranty, you'd be best posting your dxdiag and/or blue screen messages on one of the PC technical forums (or, indeed, here).


30-07-2006, 01:50
I wouldnt Recommened FireFox it has more Holes and Security Flaws in it than IE, This Generic Host Process Sounds familier to me, Ill look it up and see what I can find and try and get back to you happy.


Ok If you have not allready make sure ur Windows XP is fully updated and automatic updates on.

As Norris Said to spyware and Virus Scans. As For the Sound thats a new one for me.

30-07-2006, 10:51
Regarding Firefox, it's wise never to regard any software as being perfect (Firefox recently had a worrying trojan exploit, amongst others) but, like Windows vs Linux, attackers tend to go after Microsoft products first. This isn't very recent but supports that view:


And this: