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09-09-2006, 14:54
I was trying to come up with a good battleground for such a scenario. Any suggestions?

09-09-2006, 15:25
Korsun pocket, battle of smolensk 1943, battle of Belgorod and Battle of the Lower Dnieper all happened after kursk so planeset would be a late 1943 wiht G6s, A5s, Las and yak-9s

09-09-2006, 17:22
Thanks Algore...I'm going to investigate Smolensk and Belgorod.

I think we may have trimmed a number of older maps and those happen to have been eastern front maps. Not 100% sure on that...just a sense. I was wanting to do some east front maps but I hadn't had any good direction. Now I do! :)

10-09-2006, 07:45
I love 109G2/G6 vs La5/F fights. Bring it on!

22-10-2006, 21:11
The G2 and LA5FN are ufo's .....

as for the il2 field mod, it was just that ... a field modification and tbh it is nice for the reds to have something with similar firepower to the 109F4 ;)

23-10-2006, 00:11
The Il-2 field mod is a late 1941, basically a 1942 plane. I happen to see it on our server on quite a few early eastern front maps. Imho, it does not belong there.

Is there any particular reason for it's inclusion say on the Byelorussia map? I personally don't like to see it on any map before the Soviet winter offensive of 41 and even there I'd rather have it very limited. Until mid 42, it was rare.
I can removed it :D
I have removed it :D

01-11-2006, 09:50
I'm inclined to agree with Scrappy here about the IL2 field mod I'm sure rear gunners got chucked in as was neccessary without any 'design' from up above. But Byelorussia was probably to early even for a limited (8 in this case) amount.
Having a rear gunner isn't a great help in an IL2 anyways you getting shot down like a dog a lot regardless.
To return to the 109G6 that this thread focusses on, it can use the Mk108 but is this a standard fit out (was it common) or only used in certain places?

Yak9 vs 109G6 looks like a great match too. (often get overshadowed by La5vs 109G2 match-ups.)

01-11-2006, 10:21
Very few late Bf-109G6s got the U4 conversion kit, vast majority of all late gustavs were armed with the standard mg151/20.

03-11-2006, 17:52
Took the horrible G6 yesterday against Nightshifter in the VIII (with the 108) I climbed up to 6000m he was at 8000 and was booming and zooming after 2 passes I jammed my flaps to take off pos. He got impatient and commited to an attack ane we got involved in vertical scissors and I took his wing off with 108 burst.

I was going to buzz him as he took off but I was so slow thanks to wing loss that by the time I arrived he had taken of and we entered a low alt fight. To my surprise the G6 stuck to his 6 like glue and I downed him again. It turned out id hit his rudder on 1st pass.

Anyway, just a ramble on how the G6 is actually not bad after all in IL2