View Full Version : I have an idea for a map-

07-10-2006, 20:08
Three bases per side- two fairly close to the front, another two fairly close to that- the other pair far enough to allow calm takeoff.

Two of the bases are airstart- the ONLY planes allowed in those bases are the true dive bombers- exclusively for dive bombers, SBD, Val, Stuka.
Usually those poor bastiges dont stand a chance in ANY server- too slow and clumsy to get off the ground far enough to effectively be used- and too bad- they all carry some serious bombage.
Close enough to raise hell a couple of minutes away from the enemy base

And of course the last pair of bases far enough away not to have to deal with that if they dont want to.


dont poo-poo it too quick, we flew in a quake server like this (other than the usual BS in a quake server) it was a freeking blast. I thought initially it would be impossible to take off with the air start stukas cranking in over head, but wasn't the case, and once they dropped the bombs they were like shooting fish in a barrel. THAT and I've never seen 10 stukas at one time in the air. The other two close bases were planes that jumped off the dirt- zeros, 153's, La's etc.
It was a map that got extended about 45 minutes- I think there were 20ish fliers. Really a friggin' panic.