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11-11-2006, 19:24
I've recently been thinking alot about getting into map building.

One idea I've had is a 'what if' German invasion of Britian map.
Using the Normandy map, could lines of landing craft (behind something bigger) represent the towed barges setting off? Targets for blue could be a blockade of RN ships.

Is this idea totally daft or could it work?

What ideas do you guys have re planes etc.

11-11-2006, 20:49
Or use the online version of Finland (with Hamina inlet) for the British side of the coast or even the Crimea map (again) with a useful west-east trending northerly coastline. However actual planes suitable for this mission are real tricky,
HurriIIb; erm HurriIb,erm J8A (gladiator) only red planes of this era available. No red bombers (AI BlenheimIV can be used.) Blues get to use the 109E4, Heinkel111H2, 110G2 might be too uber. This falls down with the same problems the other BoB maps we used to have, BattleofBritain age planes are damned thin on the ground.
However.... take a deep breath, if you are saying 'What If' Seelowe was actually launched, then take another step and say 'What If' it's launch was delayed until the following spring?
A 1941 Seelowe 'WhatIf' gives us lots more interesting planes to play with on both sides.

11-11-2006, 21:19

Bf 109E 7/B
Bf 109F2/4

Bf 110E

Ju87 B2


FW 200


Hurricane IIb
Spitfire Vb

SBD-3 (as this is a what-if we could assume the RN made their evaluation in 1941 so it could be used here)


Mosquito B.MK.IV

11-11-2006, 23:23
The RAF planes are the problem.
The assumption would be that the Battle of Britian had been lost which would imply that the RAF response would be limited, hence no spitfires.
The lack of red planes is countered by the fact that the blue trgts (landing craft) are quite weak.
Anyway it's just an idea at the momment.

11-11-2006, 23:33
I based my plane set on Fireloks idea of a 1941 "Seel÷we". SO I'd say we could work with the planes I listed.

12-11-2006, 00:57
A 1941 seel÷we would be awfully close to what we have now in hastings. For a earlier version we lack brit kites. Actually we don't have any british bombers available (AI blen doesn't count) until 1944 when the lend-lease mitchell III arrived, well atleast we have the boston III coming soon.

12-11-2006, 08:40
Back to the drawing board.
Whilst I could see the regulars teaming up in a limited Brit plane set (and relishing being at adisadvantage) I suspect I would be more likly to see Allies:2 Axis:30 or <vote.