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12-11-2006, 18:30
I have been thinking of a map where instead of the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor they attack the USSR instead. I know there was a meeting in 1941 where the Japanese high command debated on if they should attack south towards the allies or north to Eastern Russia. Anyway lets say they decide to attack Vladivostok as the opening of the invasion. So instead of the famous attack there we have a new one. I was thinking of A6M's escorting G4M's D3A's and even a few B5N's. After we get the new patch we could add some Ki-27's, '43's and some Ki21's. I have been trying to find what the VVS had stationed in the Far East but I would assume esp. later in '41 after the German attack that they would be I-16's, I-153's and maybe a few MiG-3's. I can't seem to find a good map is the problem. Any suggestions?

12-11-2006, 18:41
What about the one with Vladivostok we get with 46?

12-11-2006, 21:46
What about the one with Vladivostok we get with 46?
That was my suggestion. Vladivostok is on one of the maps we're getting in the 46/Manchuria addon so you should probably wait.

Khalkin Gol is also coming in dogfight form...although I can't see I-153's being in any way vulnerable to the Ki-27s.

12-11-2006, 21:54
Yeah I agree. Unless they change the damage model on the I-153 or make the .30 caliber mgs on the Japanese aircraft like hispano's. That is why I was thinking of '41 so we could have some better aircraft. I had forgotten that we were getting that map thanks. Either way I could think of a series of battles with this scenario. Just something to mix it up a bit with battles we don't see regularly. Ki-61's, A6M's vs Yak-9's and La-5's. Could be fun.