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10-01-2007, 03:28
A major 'bug' came to light this evening regarding the Bf110G2s damned enormous loadout varieties. We use this plane on a number of maps almost fully restricted to just bombs but it was pointed out to me that one of the most destructive loadouts has been overlooked. Here is the Bf110 loads from three of our maps.

Bf-110G-2=m1;m1m3;m1m5;r1;r1r7;r3;r3m1;r3m2sc250;r3m2ab250;r3m2sc500;r3m2sd500;r3r7m1;r3r7m2sc250;r3r7m2ab25 0;r3r7m5;r4;r7m1

Bf-110G-2=m1;m1m3;m1m5;r1;r1r7;r3;r3m1;r3m2sc250;r3m2ab250;r3m2sc500;r3m2sd500;r3r7m1;r3r7m2sc250;r3r7m2ab25 0;r3r7m5;r4;r7m1

Bf-110G-2=m1;m1m3;m1m5;r1;r1r7;r3;r3m1;r3m2sc250;r3m2ab250;r3m2sc500;r3m2sd500;r3r7m1;r3r7m2sc250;r3r7m2ab25 0;r3r7m5;r4;r7m1

all exactly the same.
but on Malta it's possible to select the BK pod plus two 108s without getting kicked, i'm assuming this is true of the other maps as well as the loadout restrictions are the same.

I've tracked this down to a minor difference between the server commander weapon list and what the eventlog actually refers to.

Bf-110G-2=m1;m1m3;m1m5;r1;r1r7;r3;r3m1;r3m2sc250;r3m2ab250;r3m2sc500;r3m2sd500;r3r7m1;r3r7m2sc250;r3r7m2ab25 0;r3r7m5;r4_;r7m1

this above is a corrected version I think. One single underscore is all the difference, unless there is an R4 and an R4_ too. I'm too tired to work this out now, I expect a fair amount of tommorrow spent respawning in a Bf110 cockpit checking all this. I'm not even sure of how many maps the Bf110G2 is on (and this applies to.) Bf110 grrr. :mad:

10-01-2007, 05:17
Orsha will be one of those maps...actually Zorrin had suggested changing the loadouts to allow for the MG151/20 gunpod packs anyways so I should have a quick look at that INI and see about that as well.

Thanks for the heads up!

10-01-2007, 16:40
* Vadso 42E +--
* Orel 43E--
* Dalmatia 43W--
* Hjansk 42E--
* Apennines 43W +--
* Caen 42W--
* Sicily 43W--
* Valletta 42W +--
* Malta 42W +--

These are the maps affected, there are others that have Bf110 on them but it's either unrestricted or the mapmakers got it right in the first place( Charkov,JtD:Orsha:IceFire)
I've altered the maps above to deal with this loophole.The only exception being Orel which now has an unrestricted Bf110 the same as Citadel (seeing as both these maps are part of the Kursk battle)

As for Orsha, I'd see no reason not to let it fly unrestricted either. Unless you think it would compromise the balance of things Ice.

P.S. there is an R4 and an R4_ loadout for the Bf110 this should be a completely 'podless' Bf110G2

Bf-110G-2=30,m1;m1m3;m1m5;r3;r3m1;r3m2sc250;r3m2ab250;r3m2sc500;r3m2sd500;r3r7m1;r3r7m2sc250;r3r7m2ab250;r3r 7m5;r4;r4_;r7m1

P.P.S. Thx to Algore for pointing this problem out yesterday.

10-01-2007, 17:06
I am beginning to loathe this plane and it's myriad loadouts...







^^So I think both of these allow the BK gunpod^^
(because there is no r4 loadout mentioned)
but not the BK and Mk108 combo that the others allowed.
For the moment I'm not going to alter these because I need to
test the alterations I've made first.