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Yellow 2
16-01-2007, 13:37
I thought I would put this in the general map section as we don't yet have a specific one for UKD3.

As this server will be externals off we will lose the ability to view the airfield from outside the cockpit before we take off. Without this ability some airfield layouts can be confusing especially those on a desert or snow covered map. It's not always easy to make out what is desert or snow and what is the take off strip. Would it be possible to include some form of highly visible marker (smoke or camp fires etc) to indicate the end of the runway so as to make lining up for take off easier. I find that locating and landing on desert and snow covered airfields is also easier with such markers.

On that subject using taxiways and runways correctly is going to become more important on UKD3 with the visibilty restriction so I'm sure players would appreciate anything that map makers can do to make taking off and landing easier. :)

16-01-2007, 13:42
We had a bf-109 pilots guiding players on the ground to the taxiway last night. :D

16-01-2007, 13:59
Great idea Yellow, it will be appreciated ;)

16-01-2007, 14:19
The rules currently state to take off from the taxiways and keep the main runway free for landings... with UKD3 that might not be the smartest idea.. Should we update the rules for all servers, or make our first exception ?

Another thought, maybe on UKD3 we should at least define a direction in which to take off and land. The RW heading could be in the briefing, and maybe with some markers on the ground, like RL (small) airfields. Further more, landing planes would have priority over take offs, and people should really announce their final approach...

16-01-2007, 16:18
I was thinking about this and without going for the designed traffic blocking measures that are in use on other FR servers. It may be a 'direction of taxi-ing ' Idea could be set up with red and green lights. A single direction to approach the runway for landing (except in extreme emergency) might be useful too.

What I'll do is post some pictures of the common airfield types (and they are mostly 3 or 4 types) with suggestions for light arrangements. Maybe 'never taxi through a red light but taxi through green.' might work.

I do think this is a peculiar problem that applies only to UK3 and any enormous undertaking to retro-fit all of UK1 and Uk2 maps is probably pointless. Finally because UKD2 maps have all been either tweaked or created in the last 12months there are generally runway location fires or lights on them all(we've had a greater freedom to add lots of objects/lights because everyones computers are so much better now.)

27-01-2007, 14:26
One thing I will say is I'm not sure how practical asking people to take off in same direction with random people on the server will be. Making the runways as visible as possible is excellent but due to the wildy disparate parking zones on airfields I feel it's impractical to expect people to take off in a fixed direction. I also do feel people WILL have to be very carefull taking off.

Yellow 2
27-01-2007, 17:04
I have known some grass strips to have aircraft waiting to take off on a taxiway after spawning at opposite ends of the same taxiway. The result, unless externals are used or great care is taken, is usually two aircraft meeting head on in the middle. :)

28-01-2007, 10:46
What I'll do is post some pictures of the common airfield types (and they are mostly 3 or 4 types) with suggestions for light arrangements. Maybe 'never taxi through a red light but taxi through green.' might work.

I have made a note on this subject earlier and it's an idea firelok and I don't know if it will work but what you think of this.

you know those racing poles. Now they come in colors. now in a closed cockpit you don't see much before you at ground level.

what if we stack green or red lights on top of an object. such as a watchtower. this way one can see the direction to taxi to. not going overkill offcourse yet just 2 lights on a tower is bright enough for daylight conditions.

hardest part is getting the right height to place them in just the right location on the tower. with the racing pole you have a bit more leeway.

Would it work?

will have a try at that with on my new map project which someday I will get too.

28-01-2007, 11:36
More I've thought about traffic enforcement the less it seems a practical idea for our relaxed approach to most things, enforcing runway/taxiway designations,take-off queues seems a little over-regulated to me. Expecting and encouraging people to be sensible and cautious on the ground along with a little design of traffic calming measures (or rather anarchy calming measures) might be best.
some airfield types to consider....

28-01-2007, 12:23
more airfields...

There are a lot of others but i think they are kind of variations of these, from my observation there doesn't look like any hard and fast rules that will apply. A runway by runway basis is the only way to go, even then the very basic question of whether to allow taxi-way take-offs would need to be ironed out.
At the moment I've reserved myself to blocking the direct line of take-off from the parking areas to make it harder to roar across the taxi-ways/runway on take-off.

Yellow 2
28-01-2007, 13:22
I think that the best airfields are those that only have spawn points at one end of a taxiway that way all you need to do is work out which is the long arm of the taxiway and which is the short and there shouldn't be any head collisions in the middle caused by people at both ends of the same taxiway trying to take off at the same time. :)

28-01-2007, 15:12
Trees and buildings are crucial for "marking" where the airfield is. So you have reference points on landing as well as landmarks when you're on the ground that you can use to help taxi. That and the usual S turn method where you nose back and forth looking out at what is ahead of you.

This is where WarClouds fails in my opinion. They have nothing...I guess it improves performance and saves map building time but you have zero reference points outside of whatever is on the map by default. It'd sure be nice to see a hangar or a parked plane as you nose up, flare, and then end up setting down nowhere good :D