View Full Version : baby steps in map making i've been wondering and have 2 Q i would like to ask.

16-01-2007, 18:22
Ok I thougth let me put my first baby step towards map making so instead of diving right in the deep end I've played around with the mapmaker in the game itself. had a quick browse at scripting but think of working out first what do I want to create.

I have several idea's for a UKD3 map.

one of them is creating a jungle airbase. without a doubt some of you who are more senior in this fields may have tried it so i thought lets ask.

Now i have tried setting up a metal runway and wanted to put on top of that a invisible one. this doesn't seem to make the metal runway to dissapear from sight.

Q is what if I make lets say 2 lanes of metal, put some threes and other stuff on it on one side, so people will spawn on the clear side and next to it lies the invisible runway sort to speak.

Offcourse for taxiing purpose and use of the field it will be recognisable by the threes, bunkers and other objects.

the goal is to create a secret airbase the japanese have build and is hard to spot from up high, japanese skilled pilots will be put to the test landing in a jungle clearing as part of the fun.

my only concern is will this work as spawning goes. I've tried landing on such a field and it seems to work like a dream. it's the spawning that concerns me and i hope i can pull it off with the 2 metal lanes.

what do you think. to much mission impossible?

another thought was to use a somewhat different approach on the planeset.
as i gather we want to put emphasis on bombing and escort. And since it's a FR setting i don't feel we should compromise planesets with history.

for this map i've been doing i have been thinking about

USN: SBD3 and wildcat's and F2's

JPN, early zero's and zeke floatplanes and the japanese divebomber. maybe the fore runner of the zero which has made it debut in 46 but not sure.

the usn is doing a landing with a small group consiting of only 1 carrier which will carry wildcat's it's going to be a small carrier so it's going to be a tough one landing and taking off. not impossible but a real challenge.

Now this brings up my 2nd Q: is it possible to have a carrier sink without supplying us with an air respawn?

I'm trying to set up small caliber AA with a limited ceiling to catch any unwary pilot flying low on the deck over a japanese village. since I figure soldiers in that village will open up with everything they got on a low flying aircraft. figure 20.0 on time and small caliber. just to remind them it's not that safe on the deck in enemy held territory.

winning terms are with 2 targets for the SBD's which will give an option to divert or change plans if one target is crawling with fighters.

japanese target will mainly consist of sinking the small expedition force that is trying to land a small assortment of troops on the northern island to capture the hidden airfield. the hidden airbase will house the fore runner of the zero whereas zero pilots have the benefit of the big airbase.

this i hope will elect people to opt for a floatplane to protect the hidden airbase since the flighttime is shorter.

it's still in the experimental fase but I would like your thoughts on it on the Q? of this airbase and carrier.

i also would be more then willing to share what I've done sofar to give you a bit of a idea and hopefully you could give me some pointers as to what goes and what not along with your own views.

all feedback is appreciated


16-01-2007, 18:53
There is no taxi-ing upto the Test Runways they are really to be looked at as a big flat carrier deck. You spawn where you take off from. THe only way you can do the 'take-off from a road' thing is for offline single-player maps (it might work with co-ops too) As for jungle airstrips start looking at the Burma map there may be strips that are suitable there.

17-01-2007, 19:15
thanks firelok, I've scrapped that idea as a take off base.
and by second thought it didn't need the extra base after all.


got one base where players can pick a rufe and defend their harbour and fight off the amphibious assault. the zero's and val's will have to come from the main base. the distance will be handy i think with getting up to alttitude
for divebombing.