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17-01-2007, 02:56
We have 68 maps now in the circle, a definite overload IMO. We should lose about half o them to get back to a reasonable strength. Zorin

Rather than clutter up the maplist thread(which is really there to allow me to keep folks appraised of new editions) with this 'discussion' I've decided to quote Zorin's post and start discussing it here.

What we have in the cycle now comes from three distinct sources...
1. Original Ukd maps
2. New player created content (i.e. made in the last 12months specifically for Ukd2/ServerCommander)
3. Scenarios/Requests suggested (often in detail) by other community members but created by people who can 'do maps'

My strong opinion is that 'more is better' provided they pass a certain quality threshold.It is an arbitary threshhold it's true but I figure the months of dealing with UkD2 maps gives me a good gauge on whats acceptable and what isn't. Some maps were discounted by me during the server revamp of early summer but have re-appeared by popular request (Midway for example)
and others (primarily section 1. maps here) may be slowly replaced over time by new 'takes' on the same scenario or new versions made possible by new maps (e.g. Autumn_Storm being replaced by Manchuria)

We need, I feel, to take into account all the preferences in planes/years/theatres that everybody has and to do this a lot of maps are required.
There are other servers out there with 100+ maps.
I would personally identify about 12 maps that we have that I think should go (or more likely be replaced by better versions of the same scenario.)
Yet some of these are popular maps with community members so I can't see how my preferences should completely override other peoples likes/dislikes. There is a saying 'You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.'

So... someone spends hours making a map that passes all our acceptance criteria and we have to reply 'no we've got enough maps thanks' or accept it and remove someone elses creation or that particular favorite map maybe?

There are other servers out there with 100+ maps.

I think we could be good with about 80, taking into account removal and or replacement of the lame ducks. If lots of people think a lessened map-set is a great idea then brilliant but I'm not going to be the hatchet man for the mass cull.

17-01-2007, 03:41
As I said in my thread I don't feel 68 is too many. Since 10/1 we've loaded 138 maps, that's almost the entire cycle twice. Any more frequently and IMO maps will get stale very quickly.

I agree some perhaps need going back and looking at and maybe you can create a list of those you feel need re-investigating and we can comment, agree/disagree for say a couple of weeks then have a finalised list of maps needing an update?

17-01-2007, 03:46
I wouldn't mind if we remove Hjansk and Libau.


Hjansk: NW Europe map + too big

Libau: Pretty much a stillbirth. Wanted to much on a single map. Inclusion of the Do335 for the first time + very detailed target areas. The odd locations of airfields didn't help either.


Burma43: Worn out and not up to our standards anymore.

Most of the old eastern front maps I don't even recall as I never played one of them in the last months.