View Full Version : Eagle Day 1945?

02-03-2007, 17:30
I was reading the other day about the Arado 234 and I saw something that caught my eye. There was a article about using them do knock out 8th Air Force bases in England and it got me thinking about a what if map.

Lets say Rommel is victorious in N. Africa and captures the Suez shutting it down the the RN. Later the Germans capture Stalingrad and the rich oil fields in the southern part of the USSR. Later USSR gets a cease fire but the allies mainly the US and UK fight on. As the allies begin there day and night bombing raids on the 3rd Reich the Germans develop new weapons to counter the allies. By Spring of '45 they are ready in mass.

May '45. Large raids of Arado's, Do-335's escorted by Ta-152's and Bf-109Z's attack bomber bases. Maybe red forces would be P-51D-20's, Mustang III's, P-47D's, Spit 25's, Tempest's, maybe some P-80's and what if we but in some 262A-2's subbing as Meteor's.

Anyway not sure what map I would use or anything just throwing out ideas.

03-03-2007, 11:15
Eagle Day 1941, instead of rushing into the Battle of Britain the whole assault is delayed until spring 41?