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05-03-2007, 15:41
I am trying to make a map for uk3 loosely based on the sinking of the Tirpitz, but with a feel of 633 squadron (flying low through fjordes) using the Norway map. Bear in mind this is my first attempt at this.
So far I have picked a spot for the ship as well as some escort / supply ships, I have placed my AAA in their locations, picked the frontline, picked the airfields with their planes and covered these with AAA.
What now, how do I run this map myself, I know I need code for FBD to make it work but this is where my small knowledge of computers comes to an abrupt end. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

05-03-2007, 15:51
This page should help with the FBD stuff m8:

In the FMB, when your ready to test the map select the File menu and Play :)

I know the FBD stuff can look daunting, so if you have problems with it, give me a shout on TS or PM me and I'll try and sort it ....


You only need the FBD code to run it on FBD controlled servers. It should run fine at home without it :)

05-03-2007, 16:13
I am trying to make a map for uk3 ... Bear in mind this is my first attempt at this...
You're a brave man, vapour - good luck! :D

05-03-2007, 17:29
counting all the objects and write them down.. you will see after following the link that scrappy put up from the greater green.

I normally fly around myself and test out the various AA sites and see at which altitude they engage me and also how... do i get shot down straigth away, or is it so simple that I can even fly straight and level unharmed.

you can also put the your map, better yet make a copy of it and put it in your ... mmm let me see the folder you use to set up a multiplayer game.
if you set it in this you can then host your own map and see your briefings and well have a fly on it to see who or what.

after that it's the scripting... I still need to do this and my last attempt made even scrappy cry.. but I haven't given up. it's just that got other things on my plate yet one day I'll get that right.

then it's off to the beta uk dedicated testpanel.

This is an important part for any mapmaker for here it will be put to the test in ways you wouldn't dream off. The result is fantastic feedback which in turn will improve the map beyond just good to excellent. :D

Good luck Vapour, look forward to fly your map..