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14-04-2007, 13:57
This is from Ian. Got it off the zoo.

14-04-2007, 14:09
that is great, now we only need a german list...

I'm all up for full historical planesets, but then again i feel a lot of people would be go :eek:

how can i fight against planes which seem to perform better on my IL2 plane comparison chart or even worse no big cannons to shoot with.. you can't expect me to really live without a one shot on kill option...

:p ROFL, I can just see the idignation and the :eek: :mad: :bum: :( faces..

14-04-2007, 18:25
Ha! According to Ian the Yak-3P has never been used! :P

JtD what does your list mean with Tetrapak?

14-04-2007, 19:56
Good stuff Jtd, we could really do with putting it all in a Sticky in the mapmaking section.

At the end of the day, there's no substitute for a mapmaker doing some reading and finding out which planes were present in the particular theatre/campaign that the map represents. I think ianboy's complaint was that he played a campaign where every single plane was simply not present at that time/place.

Clearly, we don't have to be 100% historical in plane choices, there will always be some fudging to make the thing playable, but knowing what planes were there at that time is an essential starting point.

18-04-2007, 08:24
THese are interesting stats indeed, If an attempt was made to revise our Ostfront maps across the board according to this info a lot of our maps would be very very different. We often have a 'variety' of planes available that just don't fit with the 'hystorical' ;) persepective.
Theres going to be a hell of a lot of 109F4 vs MiG 3 maps if we followed this to it's logical conclusion.

Cynicism aside, generally we don't do bad looking at these details. What we have mostly is spread aircraft to theatres were they weren't really present and stretched an inception date here or there.

My point is if we took this approach on board fully maps really should consist of one fighter type and one bomber/ground attack each side.

Though the VVS was quite capable of sending out 16+ IL2's without escorts, a 109F4s vs IL2 41 late map is guaranteed to cause trouble, in fact people 'would have kittens' as we say in UK (maybe not Happy though:D )

18-04-2007, 09:18
(maybe not Happy though:D )

I'm more of a dog person :D And your right in your assumption Firelok it would be a challenge flying an IL2

nevertheless miss flying with you and some other guys.. maybe have to give it another try to hop in for a mission or two.

26-01-2008, 00:30
Could we please make this a sticky.

26-01-2008, 10:55
Yes please, as this info is quite important for mapmakers.

24-03-2009, 11:10
BUMP for a sticky

Excuse my ignorance, I missed that it is already included in the "Useful Mapmaking Threads and Links" thread.